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Deal or No deal

Adi had taken two hard boiled eggs to school on Monday to decorate for Easter. Will publish the decorated one later this week. These days she is buzze with her coloring, crafts and other activities. Good news is she is on the last lesson of the reading book purchased from  She can now read level 1 story by herself and needs some help with level 2 stories. The deal while reading level 2 stories is if she finds a hard word she would say “Mommy I need your help” and I have to read the word for her.

She is getting more independent these days. Some times locks her self in the room and says “Mommy don’t come here for a while okay? I want to play something”. That scares me a bit and the devil mommy inside forces me to spy her but I ignored it so far. What the max will a to-be five year old do in a room? I will be the first to join “parents should be the first to trust their kids” club if there is any. I remember doing the same when I was a kid. Lock the door and try to do make over, style my hair in different ways, tie saree with duppatta and all other girlie stuff. So, I am not worried about it at this point.

Her recent styles of getting things done from me

1. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I don’t want you
2. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I will be quiet and will never ever talk with you
3. Sometimes if she doesn’t get what she wants then she says “Mommy I don’t want any dolls at home. I don’t want any of my favorite dress or shoe or other stuff. You keep all of them for yourself. Okay?”

After throwing one of above tantrum she wears the mad face mask and either sticks to the wall by folding her hands or lies upside down on the bed/couch.  Based on what and when she demands I either go at her back or remain silent allowing her to come back and bargain with a set of different options.
She is clever in picking options. Read this for a sample… (This is exactly how she says)
1. One thing is give me dosa with orange chutney for dinner and second thing is feed me the vendaikkai (vokra) poriyal
               – fed the poriyal
2. One thing is I want to watch TV and second thing is I need a chocolate 
               – gave the chocolate
3. One thing is I need the glue for my craft and second thing is take me to the park right now
               – gave the glue
4. One thing is I need a lollipop and second thing is make me rava laddu
               – bought lollipop
5. One thing is I want to wear my princess costume today evening and second thing is pick me up early today evening
              – she wore princess costume

Needless to say deal or no deal is happening at our household every day :(. Poor thing is she manages to make the deal most of the time.


Presenting the first time home made Parota.
We prepared this for Friday’s dinner.  I just made this by recollecting my mom’s method. I swear I did not browse internet or any cookery book before making this. The layers bought a big smile to our face.

No words to describe her mellowness

Well from this week I had to drop and pick up Adi as M is busy. We had a conversation about this on Sunday night and I explained her difficulties mommy would face in managing time. Though the school opens at 7 am I was not ready to drop her before 7:45 am as kids would be kept in waiting room till then and move to respective classes only at 7:45 am. From day one Adi is not comfortable in staying at the waiting room. That makes her feel that she is either too early or staying too late at school. So, we try our best to drop and pick her up from class itself.

Coming to the point,  after our conversation on Sunday I was amazed at the way this little angel cooperated on Monday and Tuesday. She was such a cute doll. She got ready so fast and did not make a big fuss to brush her teeth, to bath or to get that rettai kudumi (two pony tails) right on its place… While brushing she opened her mouth in few seconds where as usually she takes at least 5 minutes to open her mouth, While making the ponytail she stood still and did not make constant turn around as she always do…

Starting Wednesday there was a small whining but still she is doing a good job.  I am aware that this won’t last for long but was surprised by her adjusting nature. I am getting up 30 minutes early to cope up with new schedule and reaching office 15 minutes late than normal but leaving at usual time as I have to pick up Adi.  Handling the pending stuff at home after Adi goes to bed. To add, at work we have lot of new stuff coming up, exploring new technologies, facing new challenges, new deadline and pressure is building up every day. Have been working both the days last weekend and guess the same will be case for next few months…

Having said all these and analyzing Adi’s behavior at different occasions we understand that all she needs is a small one on one conversation before hand and she will be perfect when the situation comes.  At least 70% of the time I say.  She builds up my confidence every day that I will be able to balance home and work. I am proud to say that she knows me well than others and of course I know her well than others. We compliment each other very well at this point. We minimized having “panjayath” with M to sort out things though sometimes we drive him nuts with our usual “kudumi pidi sandai” (the small fake fight I pick up with Adi).  

She is impeccable.  I love you sweet heart. You make my day brighter and better every day.

Swimming milestone

Saturday was the last class of this session and the kids had a test to get promoted to level 2. The kids were made to stand on a row in water and the instructor was testing one at a time from right to left. Adi was fourth from the left. I was standing near her and was explaining what the instructor is doing with other kids.  She observed very carefully and was ready for her turn. I had my fingers crossed and my heart was beating out of control. The instructor held Adi’s hands and took her into middle of the water. The test was something like this

Blow bubbles with nose in the water
Lie down on back (back float)
Float with face down
Kick with help of kickboard
Grab the toy duck put inside water

Adi had complete focus and followed the instructor very carefully. She did not even take her eyes off the instructor. I expected her to look at me in the middle of the test but no she didn’t.  At the end the instructor nodded her head slowly to her counterpart who marked in a slip that Adi had completed Level 1 and has been promoted to Level 2. Adi was anxious and questioned me with her fingers 1 or 2?  I showed my two fingers and thumbs up. She was so happy and started jumping and splashing the water around. It is less to say that she would have checked the slip hundred times before reaching home. She deserved a treat and we gave the option to her. We told her that the day is hers and she will get whatever she wishes for. She chose to make rava laddu at home with mommy and daddy. The laddu was made in the evening and we celebrated the occasion. She truly deserves it as it took her at least 4 to 5 classes to even feel the water.

Picture Taking – She is my photocopy

Today is the picture taking day for Adi at the school.  She has been preparing herself from yesterday.  Presenting her from yesterday evening

Mommy, remember my teacher said I need to take bath tonight and tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to wash my face and apply cream.

In the bed she looked very thoughtful and suddenly asked “Mommy please can I take bath first tomorrow morning? I need to go early to school.” 

I need to wear my bracelet, necklace, apply cream and powder on my face, comb my hair nice and good.  Don’t forget the “pottu” (bindhi) it should be small okie?

Can you please stay with me for the picture taking session? What if my hair gets messy by that time?

Remember all girls should wear stockings and dress up neatly

I am not sure if she slept well last night. I could hear some murmurings while sleeping. Guess she would have dreamt about the picture taking session .

She was about to cry out loud for some usual stuff after getting ready in the morning and the moment I reminded her that her face will be dull if she cries the tears did not flow through the cheeks. They were held back in the eyes itself. You should see the way she fought back her tears. I enjoyed the moment.

After all this I didn’t feel like starting early as usual from home today morning. I dressed her up and dropped her at school along with M. On the way she asked me “what is the time?”.. I showed her my mobile. She checked the time and said “I am happy that we are on time”.  Its 7:49am and my teacher said I should be at school by 8am. 

I was reminded of the day when I got my new Hercules ladies bicycle when I was in 7th grade.  The bicycle came home at ~6am in the morning and I didn’t sleep the whole previous night. The kind of restlessness I had on that night is still fresh on my mind.  The next few weeks/months I cycled to my neighbor’s house and the nadar shop that was 2 mins away from home by walk.  For every visit to the shop my mom used to bribe me with Re.1 (50 paisa for one way) 🙂

I see/feel Adi as my photocopy on many stuff.  Today I realized that she replicates me on planning and emoting.  What a feel ya? I love it.