Picture Taking – She is my photocopy

Today is the picture taking day for Adi at the school.  She has been preparing herself from yesterday.  Presenting her from yesterday evening

Mommy, remember my teacher said I need to take bath tonight and tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to wash my face and apply cream.

In the bed she looked very thoughtful and suddenly asked “Mommy please can I take bath first tomorrow morning? I need to go early to school.” 

I need to wear my bracelet, necklace, apply cream and powder on my face, comb my hair nice and good.  Don’t forget the “pottu” (bindhi) it should be small okie?

Can you please stay with me for the picture taking session? What if my hair gets messy by that time?

Remember all girls should wear stockings and dress up neatly

I am not sure if she slept well last night. I could hear some murmurings while sleeping. Guess she would have dreamt about the picture taking session .

She was about to cry out loud for some usual stuff after getting ready in the morning and the moment I reminded her that her face will be dull if she cries the tears did not flow through the cheeks. They were held back in the eyes itself. You should see the way she fought back her tears. I enjoyed the moment.

After all this I didn’t feel like starting early as usual from home today morning. I dressed her up and dropped her at school along with M. On the way she asked me “what is the time?”.. I showed her my mobile. She checked the time and said “I am happy that we are on time”.  Its 7:49am and my teacher said I should be at school by 8am. 

I was reminded of the day when I got my new Hercules ladies bicycle when I was in 7th grade.  The bicycle came home at ~6am in the morning and I didn’t sleep the whole previous night. The kind of restlessness I had on that night is still fresh on my mind.  The next few weeks/months I cycled to my neighbor’s house and the nadar shop that was 2 mins away from home by walk.  For every visit to the shop my mom used to bribe me with Re.1 (50 paisa for one way) 🙂

I see/feel Adi as my photocopy on many stuff.  Today I realized that she replicates me on planning and emoting.  What a feel ya? I love it.

3 thoughts on “Picture Taking – She is my photocopy

  1. ha ha marriage may happen just like that… am a kind of person who gives more importance and enjoys little things in life and try to handle big things with ease… I wish this should be true for her too… I don’t remember my marriage day feeling as much as I remember the first bicycle day 🙂

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