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Flattering remark

Yesterday evening Adi’s classmate T’s mom (non Indian) introduced herself and gave me a big hug. I was speechless and not to mention tears filled my eyes.

She continued to say that I should be proud of Adi and she is a darling and very good big sister. It looks like she takes care of T so much at school that he expects his mom to pretend like Adi if she has to do something for him at home. She was requesting me to have Adi continue in the same school next year so that T would not be disappointed. Her teacher tells me at least twice in a week that Adi is her best helper but this hug is matchless. I cannot forget this hug forever in my life.

I love you sweet heart (I guess this would be the most commonly written words in this blog)

On a side note here is the birthday card we made together for her best friend.


Sentence writing

Adi practices sentence writing whenever possible.  You know what I mean. Anytime she needs something she would rush to me with a book and pencil and say mommy shall I write a sentence?  I will just nod my head knowing what is behind it and leave the option with her. She decides the sentence. It would always be like

 I love mommy and daddy
I am wearing princess dress today
My baby (her doll baby) is sick
My show and tell for today is blah blah blah
My daddy bought me cake
My cute little bunny’s name is punchu
It is Friday today

 Highlight is yesterday’s sentence

 “I don’t want to do writing today”

 How is that?

Shocked and worried

It is all about Adi’s Tamil speaking ability. I never realized this and was under the impression that she is good at speaking Tamil. Here is a sample of how she is speaking these days for the sake of me (otherwise it would be complete English)

dadda enakku cookie buy pannunga (daddy please buy cookie for me)

mommy dinner give pannunga (mommy please give me my dinner)

indha doll take pannunga (please take this doll)

naan thought pannaen (I thought so)

enakku water give pannunga (please give me water)

This was the language at home unknowingly all these days. I realized it recently and was shocked.  How did I overlook this?  To calm myself yesterday I made a rule at home to speak in Tamil and the outcome is she didn’t speak much. Hope she would pick up the language when we return to India still I am worried about her grand parents. They are going to have a hard time.

On the writing side she can write the uyir/mei/ayudha ezhuthukkal. I am happy with that. I want her to be at least aware of the beautiful சங்க கால தமிழ் இலக்கியம். The books ponniyin selvan (பொன்னியின் செல்வன்) and parthiban kanavu (பார்த்திபன் கனவு) are one of my favorite always.

Blogger buddy award

I am simply bowled over with this award. Thanks a ton AA . Never imagined I would get one. I was introduced to the blog world by my friend Sugan. Then, blog hopping helped in a great way on my baby steps in Parenting. I had been a silent reader of many blogs (my list was growing every day) for more than a year. Many times it was so thrilling to know that someone elsewhere is experiencing the same as you. At last the day dawned when I started blogging. Though I don’t remember the trigger for the first post I(we) know that the trigger for keeping it alive is the one and only – my cute little angel. On initial days I thought I would give up soon but now my blog is 10 months old. Can’t believe it. I started with rediff blog and then moved on to wordpress based on Sugan and Meera’s recommendation. WordPress is cool. Thanks to Sadish for this beautiful theme. My goal was to do at least one post a week and guess I am doing okay job so far.

Blogging is no doubt a revolution and it has brought in many positive changes inside me. It helped me

To change my perception at many things
To capture my little angel’s special moments
To express and enjoy life’s little happiness
To set self targets and achieve it (at least for the sake of blogging about it)
To share common thoughts with better half
To learn there are people around the world sailing in the same boat as you

And to get wonderful friends like you

Thanks to all my readers especially AA, Meera, Swaram, KK, Suneetha and Chakra.

Keep visiting and I will try my best not to disappoint you.

Once again thank you very much AA for helping me with a topic for this week 🙂

 Have a good day all.

She made my day – April 8th 2010

I had back pain for past two days and was wearing the back pain belt. The history is I had slipped disc few years back and recovered from it with some physiotherapy, exercises and bed rest. From then on if I continue to sit/stand for long (like more than couple of hours) for a week then the pain will slowly start and I have to do exercises and wear the belt to come out of it. I had been over working for past few weeks hence the pain started again.

This is the first time I am wearing the belt in past 2 years. Adi had never seen me wearing that belt. This would have disturbed her I believe. She was making some tea and pain medicines over the weekend (of course with her toy cooking set). She said “Amma eat this your pain will be all gone okay?” and then she was checking on me now and then as “Amma is it paining now?”

Today morning’s chat

Adi: Amma has your pain gone away? (She saw me not wearing the belt)
Me: Yes da. I am feeling better now
Adi: You know something I don’t like it when you or daddy has pain. Also, I know that you and daddy don’t like it when I have a pain. I am happy that its not paining for you anymore.

Yes, that’s the title of the post. What else can I ask for?

Angadi Theru

A movie that touched my soul. It made me cry at few places and still hanging over my head. I am not reviewing this movie just sharing my emotions about this movie. A must watch for people who don’t see movies as only fun watch and are ready to accept the other face of the busy ranganathan street. I have been to ranganathan street since my child hood and have seen many sales men/women. Their other side of life is unimaginable. I never thought it would be so cruel. Each character in the film speaks more than the dialogue itself. Though mind says there are people treated worse than this in the world heart cries for the recently watched characters. This movie is definitely a thought provoking one.

Easter goodies

Here are the Easter goodies from the school. The green and orange one are the hard boiled eggs. The bunny on top right is made with water can. Can you see it? Bunny’s nose is the can handle.One of Adi’s recent attraction is the bottom right pic -Scrambled picture puzzle. The paper scissors and glue are begging her for some rest.