She made my day – April 8th 2010

I had back pain for past two days and was wearing the back pain belt. The history is I had slipped disc few years back and recovered from it with some physiotherapy, exercises and bed rest. From then on if I continue to sit/stand for long (like more than couple of hours) for a week then the pain will slowly start and I have to do exercises and wear the belt to come out of it. I had been over working for past few weeks hence the pain started again.

This is the first time I am wearing the belt in past 2 years. Adi had never seen me wearing that belt. This would have disturbed her I believe. She was making some tea and pain medicines over the weekend (of course with her toy cooking set). She said “Amma eat this your pain will be all gone okay?” and then she was checking on me now and then as “Amma is it paining now?”

Today morning’s chat

Adi: Amma has your pain gone away? (She saw me not wearing the belt)
Me: Yes da. I am feeling better now
Adi: You know something I don’t like it when you or daddy has pain. Also, I know that you and daddy don’t like it when I have a pain. I am happy that its not paining for you anymore.

Yes, that’s the title of the post. What else can I ask for?

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