Blogger buddy award

I am simply bowled over with this award. Thanks a ton AA . Never imagined I would get one. I was introduced to the blog world by my friend Sugan. Then, blog hopping helped in a great way on my baby steps in Parenting. I had been a silent reader of many blogs (my list was growing every day) for more than a year. Many times it was so thrilling to know that someone elsewhere is experiencing the same as you. At last the day dawned when I started blogging. Though I don’t remember the trigger for the first post I(we) know that the trigger for keeping it alive is the one and only – my cute little angel. On initial days I thought I would give up soon but now my blog is 10 months old. Can’t believe it. I started with rediff blog and then moved on to wordpress based on Sugan and Meera’s recommendation. WordPress is cool. Thanks to Sadish for this beautiful theme. My goal was to do at least one post a week and guess I am doing okay job so far.

Blogging is no doubt a revolution and it has brought in many positive changes inside me. It helped me

To change my perception at many things
To capture my little angel’s special moments
To express and enjoy life’s little happiness
To set self targets and achieve it (at least for the sake of blogging about it)
To share common thoughts with better half
To learn there are people around the world sailing in the same boat as you

And to get wonderful friends like you

Thanks to all my readers especially AA, Meera, Swaram, KK, Suneetha and Chakra.

Keep visiting and I will try my best not to disappoint you.

Once again thank you very much AA for helping me with a topic for this week 🙂

 Have a good day all.


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