Shocked and worried

It is all about Adi’s Tamil speaking ability. I never realized this and was under the impression that she is good at speaking Tamil. Here is a sample of how she is speaking these days for the sake of me (otherwise it would be complete English)

dadda enakku cookie buy pannunga (daddy please buy cookie for me)

mommy dinner give pannunga (mommy please give me my dinner)

indha doll take pannunga (please take this doll)

naan thought pannaen (I thought so)

enakku water give pannunga (please give me water)

This was the language at home unknowingly all these days. I realized it recently and was shocked.  How did I overlook this?  To calm myself yesterday I made a rule at home to speak in Tamil and the outcome is she didn’t speak much. Hope she would pick up the language when we return to India still I am worried about her grand parents. They are going to have a hard time.

On the writing side she can write the uyir/mei/ayudha ezhuthukkal. I am happy with that. I want her to be at least aware of the beautiful சங்க கால தமிழ் இலக்கியம். The books ponniyin selvan (பொன்னியின் செல்வன்) and parthiban kanavu (பார்த்திபன் கனவு) are one of my favorite always.

10 thoughts on “Shocked and worried

  1. Dont worry,things will be in place soon,its required that you speak either in Tamil or english fully to her,dont mix up while you speak,and am sure she will follow suit as Swaram says.

  2. Where did my previous comment go?
    Well,dont worry dear,she will learn quickly from you,but it is necessary that you speak in tamil fully or english fully to her,if we dont mix up she will be like what swaru says.

  3. Hey my comments alone disappearing strange,this happened twice in your blog and also in other blog.
    Well,speak to her only in tamil or english,never mix both urself,she will then follow suit.As swaru says she will master both languages.
    Am yet to read ‘Ponniyin selvan’,parthiban kanavu was all time favorite and also Sivagamiyin sabatham.

    • your comments are going into spam section… spam needs approval before publishing… how could i not approve yours… if will see if there is any option to remove spam for your ip

  4. Just ensure that you talk only in Tamil at home and that should take care of the talking bit. We have been fairly successful at that, but once it went to the point when Anirud started asking the equivalent Tamil word for ‘cement’ and few others.

    Am impressed abt your girl writing uyir / mei letters.

    • I curse myself… I am not able to recollect when did we switch to the englima mode… I was so conscious in speaking tamil on initial days but gradually all had changed. It has become so fluent now and am trying my best to get out of it…

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