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we are not missing

We are at Chennai, India on four weeks vacation. Will be back by June 1st week. Lots and lots and lots are happening around. I am not sure how much I will be able to capture in blog post vacation. Will try my best.

Game for a five year old

We play these games every day on the way to school and back home.

Animal/Fruit/Vegetable/Bird farm

No. of Players: Unlimited (Minimum 2)
Rule: Find the name of the animal/fruit based on the clues given by the player. If we cannot find the animal with first clue then the player will continue to give more clues until we find the animal.
Special rule for adults playing with kids: You have to take it easy for few animals and pretend it to be the hardest ever.

Animal farm
1. This animal has long neck and stores water
2. This animal has white and black stripes in its body
3. This animal has black spots on its body and lives in forest
4. This animal jumps from tree to tree and hangs on the tree
5. This one has long neck and long leg
6. This has a trunk and big
7. This wags its tail often
8. This is a cute little one that stays at home
9. This has no legs
10. This likes mud very much

Fruit farm
1. This is red or green outside and white inside
2. This one comes in a box and red in color
3. This comes in a box and starts with a color name
4. This is long, yellow outside and white inside
5. This fruit name is same as its color and the color’s name
6. This fruit is green, brown or yellow in color. its white inside
7. This one has thorns outside and the yellow inside
8. This is tiny and comes in a bunch. Its purple or green in color
9. This is green outside, red inside and has lot of seeds
10. This fruit name starts with a sweet name

Vegetable/Bird farm
1. This bird likes to make holes in the tree
2. This bird is green in color and has red beak
3. This veggie is red in color and almost round in shape
4. This bird is grey or white in color
5. This bird flies backwards
6. This veggie is orange in color and is yummy

Now, let’s see who scores high. I know it is going to be very hard for you all 🙂
Best of luck guys and try with your kids.