India trip

To cut it short it was a wonderful and grand vacation I would cherish the rest of my life. We enjoyed every moment of the vacation.

My highlights
Get together with college friends
Get together with ex-company friends
Chithirai festival at my village along with all relatives
Read one of Jeffrey Archer’s novel and all possible tamil magazines
Visit to tanjore temple (periya kovil) and other places at tanjore
Long drive alone with stereo on at Chennai

Adi’s highlights
Play, play and play (esp. with kitchen stuffs – choppu – she had 3 sets on four weeks)
String of jasmine flower (her hair was never without jasmines)
Anklets (Kolusu) with many sonorous bells
Mehandi at both the hands
Ear piercing ceremony
New Pattu pavadai’s (silk skirts)
Birthday celebration with grandparents (dora cake and flower candles were the best amma and appa could get for her this year)
Two wheeler ride with amma and grandpa (sometime standing in the front and sometime at the back holding the rider tight with eyes closed.)
See saw ride in local park
Cycle ride with new friends around the house (of course with training wheels)
Making of murukku with ammachi
Tender coconut/ Coconut trees (esp. on how people climb the tree)
Trees, birds, cows, bullocks and goats (She fed leaves to goats at our village and was brave enough to touch a cow from the back with four kids around her for protection)
Elephant at the temple
Amazed at an old lady balancing the veg/fruit basket on her head without holding it
Surprised by the ratio of bikes vs cars on road
Upset on a day and cried stating she badly miss her best friend over here (I enjoyed the way grandparents bought her back to mood)
Piggy back ride on grandpa’s back
Speaking in tamil (she was very good at this after week one)
Played with my favorite teddies suji and anu (I made it very clear to her that they are mine and she can only play with it)

Best of best – Myself driving on heavy chennai traffic with Adi next to me, stereo’s playing hossanna and both of us singing along.

Adi already started calling M as gundappa (moti papa) and might soon call me as gundamma (moti amma). The credit goes to all the food back home and home made snacks travelled overseas to serve us for another couple of months.

At present Adi is going to a daycare at the back of our home. She would join the summer camp next month followed by new school for K-grade.


11 thoughts on “India trip

    • thx…

      yes we are… I lived mostly at chennai visiting native once a year during summer . few years back after retirement my parents migrated to tanjore… this is the first time I get to stay with them for more than a week at tanjore… its a beautiful place to spend the retired life…

    • hey sugs welcome to this space

      sorry yaar I was not able to make it to your home… I wish to hear more of your motherhood stories… keep updating dheeru’s blog. hope all is fine

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