Archive | June 15, 2010

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Please don’t visit us during the morning hours on weekdays after June 28th. You might witness a killer family.

Yes, Adi has to eat breakfast at home still leave home at usual time.  I don’t know if it is a challenge for us or for her.  She easily takes an hour to finish her breakfast or lunch during weekends. To top it I have to also pack lunch for her for next two months.  My ideas are

1. Fruit loops with warm milk
2. Banana milk shake
3. Pan cake with maple syrup
4. Egg dosa cut in bite size
5. Mini Muffins

1. Noodles with carrots and peas
2. Egg fried rice
3. Curd rice with a veggie poriyal and couple of baby carrots
4. Poori with aloo masala and couple of baby carrots
5. Sambar rice with appalam

I need your ideas for a quick breakfast and an empty lunch box.  Please help me guys.