Artsy Crafts – June 2010

I just noticed this contest last week and thought we can give a try. It is really a nice initiative to strengthen the special bond between the mother and child. Making crafts had always been so much fun for me and Adi. I have been breaking my head for two days on what to make and then was this sudden spark. Father’s day is coming and the day is M’s birthday too so why not a special card for him.

The source is here –

Materials (collected in short span)
1. Styrofoam plates
2. Pencil
3. Crayola paints (4 colors)
4. Brush (As I was not able to get a brayer)
4. Color paper or chart
5. Markers (to write anything)
6. Glitters (optional)

Steps are same as explained in the source link except that I used brush to paint the base and my hands/spoon (I couldn’t get a baren too)  to press them on to the paper. Adi contributed in almost all steps.  It took around 1.5 hours for us as we were doing it for the first time.

While typing this Adi said “Amma innikku craft pannadhu romba fun-a irundhudhu” (Amma I had great fun in making today’s craft) Shall we do them again?

Thanks a lot Shruti for such a wonderful contest.   Here is our entry (hot hot right after the make)

It is a card with shirt for appa along with my heart and flowers

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