Pretend and play

The latest game we play most of the evening.  Some of her pretending include being mommy, teacher, princess (seriously she dresses like princess right from tiara to toe) and baby (very rare).

Yesterday she pretended to be a birthday girl and the deal is I have to give her as much surprises as possible and keep her happy (that means no face wash, no study hour, no milk, no cleanup and of course a lot of TV time).

Having said all this do you think it is feasible to keep this girl happy everyday by the mom who dreams way too high about her discipline and future?

Still I made an effort to keep the pretending birthday girl happy yesterday. The surprises mommy gave were her favorite food for dinner (Poori), favorite PJ’s to wear , a special birthday hug and kiss before going to bed and gifts for every half hour  (the rule for gifting is that the item can be any old stuff from home but it has to happen in below way)

Me: Call her name gently like Adiamma or pattu rajathi from Kitchen
Adi: As I call her name she will move to living room (If she is already in Kitchen), then come back to me and ask with an innocent face (as if she just landed on earth) enna amma (yes mommy)
Me: I have a surprise gift for you. can you please close your eyes (sometimes the gift will be chosen by her before she goes to the living room still its a surprise for her)
Adi: Done
Me: Bend my knees, kiss on her hands, give a gentle hug (not the one I usually give by shaking her left to right), give away the surprise gift and sing the birthday song
Adi: Reacts as if she won the Miss. Universe title and then makes a ballet performance for the birthday song sung by me (If I miss a line or she misses a beat then I have to start over)

On the whole it was a pleasant evening for her, well a tough evening for me (I was not even bound to raise my voice to the birthday girl still get all the work done from her)  you agree?


6 thoughts on “Pretend and play

  1. @aa – i have to no other go… am not the deciding person here…. she just declares what/whom she is going to pretend and i have to follow her

    @meera – live of me or Adi? I bet you will laugh more on seeing me 😦

    @Swaru – the kind of gestures she makes these days are beyond words…

  2. Joys of innocence.

    I know it wd be very interesting at the beginning and very soon, it’ll be annoying. My son pretends to be an aeroplance, a truck and every other nonsense creating ruckus.

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