Treasure from trash

Our entries for June 2010 artsy cratsy

Flower from plastic bottle

Source –

We have used cardboard box strip instead of popsicle.

Castle from cereals box

Source –

We have done both of this in 1.5 hours. Adi helped in painting the flower and decorating the castle.

Hope to make more ….


11 thoughts on “Treasure from trash

  1. Just in case if you are looking for ideas, look for ‘Mister Maker’ in Youtube. Not sure how much of it will be in Youtube… but the programme in air is full of ideas of this kind.

    Don’t ask me if I have tried any of them.. I have removed the art related stuff from my DNA long back. πŸ™‚

      • So far he hasn’t shown any interest towards crafts.

        But, to be fair to him, we both haven’t shown him that direction as both of us haven’t got any interest. After seeing your posts, I am thinking of introducing these stuff to him to see if he is interested.

    • thx aa… as all celebs say winning doesn’t matter participation is the key πŸ™‚ jokes apart myself and adi had a wonderful time together… we have a habit of talking about ~5 likes/dislikes about each other at bed every night… yday night she said her best of the day was making craft with me and she didnt have any negative comments abt me … she was very happy and me too… a long weekend well spent

  2. Adi and Anitha,

    Great work by both of u. I liked the flower very much. super ahh irukku… Aditi is grt ,di.

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