Archive | July 12, 2010

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

I have been tagged by ambulisamma and I am always grateful to her for keeping me in loop be it an award or a tag.

The original tag is from here IHM.  Here I am recording my sins.

Things Sins I do against are

1. If driving four wheeler is considered to be manly then I am driving four wheeler since my college days and two wheeler since school days.I still remember those few generous uncles who saw me on the road and took the pain to visit my home just to have a talk with my dad about my two wheeler riding skills.I had hit 90 in my Kinetic and Maruti 800.

2. Managed office and home front alone with Adi at US of A for couple of months

3. Handled hospital stays of my parents and in-laws all by myself

4. As I read on most of the tag list I don’t like make-up, cosmetics or for that matter any gaudy stuff on usual days.

5. I track monthly bills payment at home.

6. Love to dismantle and patch up the electronic goods at home when they make a strike.

7. I simply love to follow the instructions and assemble any new item

8. Played kabadi, gilli, goli, cricket and what not during my school days

9. The streets have seen me more than my mom on holidays during school days. My parents were called after my name than my brother’s on most of the places we lived.

10. I can buy that first dress I stump upon while shopping unlike my mom who spends solid five hours before billing that first dress 😀

Though I

1. Love pink. Green is my next choice

2. Love to keep the home neat and tidy

3. like peppy talks

4. Love rangoli (used to compete with my neighbors in making the home entrance beautiful with colors during entire month of Margazhi (Tamil month famous for rangolis))

5. Cry at drop of the feather

6. love to cook delicious food theoretically I meant by reading all drooling recipes online end to end as if I am going to try my hands on the same day (Hope M is not reading this. He might disagree as I make a big deal to cook full meals – I meant sambar, rasam with a poriyal, kootu and varuval)

7. Love to drape cotton saree like the district collector ladies do in feature films.

8. like cakes, ice creams and chocolates

9. Try to act smart but can be easily put down by anyone (as many woman do)

10. Love interiors though I am yet to get a chance to explore it to the fullest.

I loved reading all your versions and wish to pass this tag to all who have not done this yet (I doubt if there is one left in this blogosphere)…