Archive | July 27, 2010

Down in the dumps

Something was pulling me away from updating my FB status as “I am in heaven” though I was truly in heaven for the initial four days after my parents landed here. I finally managed to change my FB status on Tuesday late night and just within next 6 hours on Wednesday morning M returned home at unusual time from office complaining shortness of breath and dizziness. He had passed out at office couple of times. Then, I rushed home and took him to ER. The doctors were quick; they diagnosed it as Pericarditis and had put him on antibiotics. He was hospitalized till yesterday. Fortunately he felt better with the antibiotics through IV and has been advised to take it easy for rest of this week. The cause is unknown though it was believed to be a viral infection. He has the follow-up on this Friday and should be back to work from next week.

My parents were of great help to me at this difficult time. All the plans I had for them has been collapsed. The 3 day tour to Niagara and Washington DC has been cancelled. I was so much looking forward to this tour that I am still finding it hard to believe that it is cancelled but my parents were in action right after M got admitted in the hospital. My father dropped and picked up Adi from school and my mom took complete control of the household while I stayed at the hospital with M.  I couldn’t put it in words as how much I regret for not giving the best of days to my parents though they feel satisfied that they were able to help me through this hard time. Sometimes I feel that I am not blessed to feel the joy from the bottom of my heart or the happiness doesn’t stick around with me for longer. I know I sound depressed. I am. This is a lifetime opportunity and I am going to miss it helplessly. They are all set to leave on the planned date (in another two days) as they have other duties though I failed to do the best I could as a daughter.

I wish to tell them this though they don’t read this blog

Sorry daddy…  Sorry amma…