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Lovely Sunday

Yesterday was a lovely day. Me and Adi cleaned up the house together (she scored 10 out of 10 from me for cleaning up her toy place and I scored 10/10 from her for the living/bed room though I scored 9/10 for the kitchen owing the 1 mark to that little spoon on the countertop), practiced to use inner voice the whole day (strict no yelling), read couple of books together, made a craft (another post is on the way), did her puzzles that were untouched for more than a year, hosted a party for her pretending babies and spoke a lot and lot and lot.

While I was having my dinner Adi pulled a chair and sat next to me. At first place I was thrilled to see her do this. She wanted to tell me something and there it started. We chatted about our likes/dislikes on each other and once I finished my dinner she asked if we can chat for a little more. Then we sat on the couch with my cuppa milk and continued the chat for the next 15/20 minutes. As I always do I emphasized to her that “amma gets mad only when she doesn’t behave good”. She agreed to the point and added that “these days I am getting less mad at her as she is growing and doing less bad stuff”. I was in heaven as she praised me.

I don’t know if she really meant it or does this make any sense at all or does she remember it now after a night but she told me this

“amma is lying good? You know amma I don’t like lying these days. It is bothering me very much. Few days back when I lied for something I saw you becoming very sad. From then on lying is bothering me very much. I don’t want to lie anymore amma. She quoted the word bothering at least thrice in this conversation”

My response was “Pattumma it is ok if you feel like lying at some moment. We cannot avoid it. But it will be better if you can share the truth with me sooner as you did today”

We were at our best yesterday. I am getting better in building the trust with my pattu rajathi. It feels good.

Does a non-television-kid’s home hold so much in it?

On a side note all these konjals and kulavals made us go to bed late and we ended up getting late today there by starting a lazy week ahead 🙂


paper hut

Thanks a bunch to utbtkids. Two hours well spent this weekend.  I showed this to Adi on the same day as I read the post to make a commitment to self as once I show something to Adi she would be after me until we do it and I also loved this concept.

We first read the original post together to understand the step by step process and then discussed about the materials needed. Within next 5 minutes all the materials were collected by Adi (she even had some backup plan for the papers) and we were ready for the action.  Adi loved making this hut.  She helped me at every step in the process. Luckily her best friend came home on the same day. Adi proudly showed the hut to her best friend and they both played with the hut for a while.  The hut fell off after a day 😦 and then we made it as a mini doll house.

P.S :  Did you notice the anklets and bangles in the pic? The new rule at home is she would wear them from Friday evening to Monday morning every week along with the color bindhi of her choice on both sides of the eye brow (design for center bindhi will be strictly chosen by her). Monday to Friday will be of my choice. Isn’t that a good deal?

Guess the broken

Something is broken at home that made me happy and Adi sad. any guesses? This doesn’t need a clue at all.




















Here I give it to AK, utbtkids and ambulisamma … you all got it right (PV you got half mark okie?)

It is the Television that was my favorite years ago until it has become Adi’s love.

Her first reaction when it was broken was

That’s okay amma I will either watch DVD or play starfall on the laptop !!!!!!!!!

Stick Fun

Here are our entries for this month artsy crafsy challenge

Indian Flag – The crafts were made with rice colored with different color paints. The stick used for the flag is the inner side of  Kellogg’s cereal box.

Pretty Flower – This was completely made by Adi. I mean 100%.  I encouraged her to use more glitter glues this time as the core theme is around glue. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Materials Used


This post is late by a day (technically 2 days at India) better late than never. My father-in-law (I call him mama) has something in common to share with our nation and that is his birthday. He is one of the men I have admired and respected in my life. He had inspired and influenced me in many ways.

When I lived with my in-laws the basket with snacks and fruits will be duly refilled by him before we look for the basket next time especially the stuffs that I like the most.

He took total care of Adi when I was at work right from cleaning her butt to feeding lunch and making her sleep in the afternoon. The first word uttered by Adi was “Thatha”. Infact she was calling all of us as “Thatha” for a while.

He grows plants in the terrace and waters them twice a day religiously. Name a color he would have a hibiscus of that color in the terrace.

He remembers to buy the tanjore famous “asoka halwa” and “pepper fried whole cashew nuts” for me every time he returns from our native.

He had dropped/picked me up in his TVS excel from the 5 minute walk away bus stand many times when I go/return from work.

He drove me and Adi to all places during recent India visit until we got settled and never allowed us to step out in hot sun.

The kind of care he takes for my mother-in-law (who has some health issues) is incredible.

Above all he calls me on my birthday every year (It is indeed very special as an old man who hardly speaks more than a minute over phone makes an effort to make that ISD call from the public booth to wish his daughter-in-law on her birthday). He always treats me as his other daughter.

He is a gem of a person and there is something unique in him that made me write this post. May be I want to convince myself for not calling him on Sunday to wish for his birthday. I am calling you tonight mama and will make Adi sing the birthday song with her keyboard for you as she did last year. We are blessed to have you in our family.

It feels so nice and heart feels lighter like a feather when we speak good about others.  The positiveness definitely has some magic.  Come on guys spread the positive energy and experience it.

I wonder

how the person close to your heart can easily guess your state of mind by just hearing a hello over phone especially when you pretend to speak normal.  I have experienced this vibration recently.  It is an amazing feel I say…

Saved the almost passing out amma

Scene 1: Evening after getting refreshed

Adi: Amma can I please please (Here imagine a 5 yr old girl with knees bend and hands together while saying please) watch 1 TV while eating my snack? (1 TV is one show that runs for 25 mins)

Amma nods her head knowing how pleasant the evening would be for both of us if she dares to say NO

After app. 1.5 hours Adi returns to amma who is very busy in the kitchen

Amma do you know something? I switched on the TV and played only one Kipper but that one show has 4 shows coming up one after the other. The last one is starting now. I will switch off the TV after this is over okay-a? Without waiting for the response Adi again gets glued to the television.

After half hour the television is switched off promptly and Adi starts to play the kitchen stuff. I wonder how kids could do things without a break.

After a long day Amma didn’t have the strength to utter one single word and she is still busy in the kitchen.

Scene 2: Same day night when it is time to go to bed

Adi comes back to amma riding her bicycle (her frequent ride is from living room to kitchen and vice versa)

Amma can I watch 1 TV now?

The already tired and almost passing out amma said a polite NO

Now comes the interesting part

Adi: You know amma I thought the same too. We always think alike. I already watched 4 Kipper’s and that is more than enough for me. I don’t feel like watching anymore TV. It is too much for a day. Only appa asked me to check with you (I don’t have to explain why appa asked her to check with amma). I will go to bed amma. Good night. Sweet dreams and I love you amma. [hugs and kisses followed]

Her face gestures were more enjoyable. In a split of a second how can a 5 year old pretend like world’s most obedient kid?

Ulaga nadippuda sami. (Eng: OMG is this is called world’s best acting). I was all teeth hence the title.

Just for smile – 11

All iz well at home.

C for Silly = C for Ocean

Silly is the most commonly used word by Adi at recent times.  For anything and everything she would say silly.  I was not very happy with this and every time she used this word I stared at her to express my unhappiness though she pretended not to look at me.  After a while she started saying “C” instead of this word.

When I realized what “C” meant to avoid that dirty look from me she continued to say

“Ammmmaaa I was just telling C don’t you know C (Sea) the Ocean

I was thunderstruck.