Archive | August 11, 2010

Saved the almost passing out amma

Scene 1: Evening after getting refreshed

Adi: Amma can I please please (Here imagine a 5 yr old girl with knees bend and hands together while saying please) watch 1 TV while eating my snack? (1 TV is one show that runs for 25 mins)

Amma nods her head knowing how pleasant the evening would be for both of us if she dares to say NO

After app. 1.5 hours Adi returns to amma who is very busy in the kitchen

Amma do you know something? I switched on the TV and played only one Kipper but that one show has 4 shows coming up one after the other. The last one is starting now. I will switch off the TV after this is over okay-a? Without waiting for the response Adi again gets glued to the television.

After half hour the television is switched off promptly and Adi starts to play the kitchen stuff. I wonder how kids could do things without a break.

After a long day Amma didn’t have the strength to utter one single word and she is still busy in the kitchen.

Scene 2: Same day night when it is time to go to bed

Adi comes back to amma riding her bicycle (her frequent ride is from living room to kitchen and vice versa)

Amma can I watch 1 TV now?

The already tired and almost passing out amma said a polite NO

Now comes the interesting part

Adi: You know amma I thought the same too. We always think alike. I already watched 4 Kipper’s and that is more than enough for me. I don’t feel like watching anymore TV. It is too much for a day. Only appa asked me to check with you (I don’t have to explain why appa asked her to check with amma). I will go to bed amma. Good night. Sweet dreams and I love you amma. [hugs and kisses followed]

Her face gestures were more enjoyable. In a split of a second how can a 5 year old pretend like world’s most obedient kid?

Ulaga nadippuda sami. (Eng: OMG is this is called world’s best acting). I was all teeth hence the title.