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This post is late by a day (technically 2 days at India) better late than never. My father-in-law (I call him mama) has something in common to share with our nation and that is his birthday. He is one of the men I have admired and respected in my life. He had inspired and influenced me in many ways.

When I lived with my in-laws the basket with snacks and fruits will be duly refilled by him before we look for the basket next time especially the stuffs that I like the most.

He took total care of Adi when I was at work right from cleaning her butt to feeding lunch and making her sleep in the afternoon. The first word uttered by Adi was “Thatha”. Infact she was calling all of us as “Thatha” for a while.

He grows plants in the terrace and waters them twice a day religiously. Name a color he would have a hibiscus of that color in the terrace.

He remembers to buy the tanjore famous “asoka halwa” and “pepper fried whole cashew nuts” for me every time he returns from our native.

He had dropped/picked me up in his TVS excel from the 5 minute walk away bus stand many times when I go/return from work.

He drove me and Adi to all places during recent India visit until we got settled and never allowed us to step out in hot sun.

The kind of care he takes for my mother-in-law (who has some health issues) is incredible.

Above all he calls me on my birthday every year (It is indeed very special as an old man who hardly speaks more than a minute over phone makes an effort to make that ISD call from the public booth to wish his daughter-in-law on her birthday). He always treats me as his other daughter.

He is a gem of a person and there is something unique in him that made me write this post. May be I want to convince myself for not calling him on Sunday to wish for his birthday. I am calling you tonight mama and will make Adi sing the birthday song with her keyboard for you as she did last year. We are blessed to have you in our family.

It feels so nice and heart feels lighter like a feather when we speak good about others.  The positiveness definitely has some magic.  Come on guys spread the positive energy and experience it.


I wonder

how the person close to your heart can easily guess your state of mind by just hearing a hello over phone especially when you pretend to speak normal.  I have experienced this vibration recently.  It is an amazing feel I say…