Archive | August 23, 2010

paper hut

Thanks a bunch to utbtkids. Two hours well spent this weekend.  I showed this to Adi on the same day as I read the post to make a commitment to self as once I show something to Adi she would be after me until we do it and I also loved this concept.

We first read the original post together to understand the step by step process and then discussed about the materials needed. Within next 5 minutes all the materials were collected by Adi (she even had some backup plan for the papers) and we were ready for the action.  Adi loved making this hut.  She helped me at every step in the process. Luckily her best friend came home on the same day. Adi proudly showed the hut to her best friend and they both played with the hut for a while.  The hut fell off after a day 😦 and then we made it as a mini doll house.

P.S :  Did you notice the anklets and bangles in the pic? The new rule at home is she would wear them from Friday evening to Monday morning every week along with the color bindhi of her choice on both sides of the eye brow (design for center bindhi will be strictly chosen by her). Monday to Friday will be of my choice. Isn’t that a good deal?