Archive | August 30, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Yesterday was a lovely day. Me and Adi cleaned up the house together (she scored 10 out of 10 from me for cleaning up her toy place and I scored 10/10 from her for the living/bed room though I scored 9/10 for the kitchen owing the 1 mark to that little spoon on the countertop), practiced to use inner voice the whole day (strict no yelling), read couple of books together, made a craft (another post is on the way), did her puzzles that were untouched for more than a year, hosted a party for her pretending babies and spoke a lot and lot and lot.

While I was having my dinner Adi pulled a chair and sat next to me. At first place I was thrilled to see her do this. She wanted to tell me something and there it started. We chatted about our likes/dislikes on each other and once I finished my dinner she asked if we can chat for a little more. Then we sat on the couch with my cuppa milk and continued the chat for the next 15/20 minutes. As I always do I emphasized to her that “amma gets mad only when she doesn’t behave good”. She agreed to the point and added that “these days I am getting less mad at her as she is growing and doing less bad stuff”. I was in heaven as she praised me.

I don’t know if she really meant it or does this make any sense at all or does she remember it now after a night but she told me this

“amma is lying good? You know amma I don’t like lying these days. It is bothering me very much. Few days back when I lied for something I saw you becoming very sad. From then on lying is bothering me very much. I don’t want to lie anymore amma. She quoted the word bothering at least thrice in this conversation”

My response was “Pattumma it is ok if you feel like lying at some moment. We cannot avoid it. But it will be better if you can share the truth with me sooner as you did today”

We were at our best yesterday. I am getting better in building the trust with my pattu rajathi. It feels good.

Does a non-television-kid’s home hold so much in it?

On a side note all these konjals and kulavals made us go to bed late and we ended up getting late today there by starting a lazy week ahead 🙂