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Story of three bears

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Yesterday I asked Adi to write whatever she want in a piece of paper and this is what she did

Submitting this for Shruti’s March 2011 artsy craftsy challenge


Just for smile – 12

M stepping out to buy milk from nearby grocery shop.  Adi at living room busy coloring. Over to the dialogue

Adi: Appa Appa stop stop where are you going?
M: to buy milk
Adi: to the nearby grocery shop?
M: yep
Adi: I don’t want chocolate appa.
M: ok
Adi: I mean the chocolate chip cookie that will be on the row next to the billing section. Just check if it is there but don’t buy okay? because I don’t like chocolate these days.
M: hmm

Obviously M returned home with the choco cookie.  Over to Adi’s reaction

Adi: Amma Amma enga irukeenga? parunga indha appa enna panni irukangannu. Naan vena vena-nnu sonnaen aana appa choco chip cookie vangittu vandhu irukanga. idha appa-vai enna pannaradhu? (Man you should have seen her facial gestures. This whole statement was delivered by looking at the mirror)
Eng: Amma Amma where are you? see what this appa had done. Inspite of me saying no he had bought the cookie. what do we do now?
Amma: (with no reaction on face).  Keep it along with other snacks. I will eat them
Adi: Ok amma that’s better

After one hour
Adi: Amma How can you eat the full pack? You can may be share some with me. Only if you can’t eat the full pack. You know it will be too much to eat one full pack. You might even get tummy ache.
Amma: It is okay. I can store and eat on some other day.
Adi leaves the room with no response

Adi: You know amma chocolate is not a healthy food. It is junk. It is not good for us. I am not going to eat them anymore.
Amma: That’s good to hear honey. I will be happy if you stick on to it for a while.

Next day morning (while brushing)
Adi: Amma it was only yesterday that I  didn’t want to eat choco cookies. I think I can eat them today. So, better give me 4 cookies for today evening’s snack okay? Remember it is not for you.  I can finish the full pack as 4 per day. Appa bought it only for me.

May be she would have dreamed about a monster (who else can it be – me and me alone) eating full pack of choco cookie at one stretch. She reserved the cookies as first thing next day morning.

what is she trying to do here? I am clueless. Experts please enlighten me with your $0.02.

Newton’s third law

is in action at our household now. Days are gone when I said “Adi I want you to finish this at the count of 3”. Today morning in the midst of getting ready I politely(?) asked Adi to finish her milk faster. Her response is
“Amma why are you shouting at me like this? Either tell me Sorry at the count of 3 or don’t talk with me for ever and ever and ever” 😦


For the past one week every day I start my day by saying “Today I have to post the updates in blog” and end the day with “Definitely tomorrow”.  Work has been really hectic and home (don’t ask me).  At last the so called “Tomorrow” happened to be Today as I don’t want to miss this important milestone of Adi.

She started full time Kindergarten on Monday and is having a ball of time.  The first day she was selected as “Line leader” for this week. Second day she started getting stickers at school for each good manner. Third day her teacher was kind enough to send me a “Happy Gram” note that she got 10 stickers so far. Fourth day we attended “Back to School” night and Fifth day I guess she will return home with a gift from Treasure bin (I am yet to pick her up).  As of yesterday she had 17 stickers and the rule is the kid gets a surprise gift from Treasure bin once they get 20 stickers.

Update – She is back home with the surprise gift. It seems her best friend J (who missed it by one sticker) told her that “Today you were better than me”.  She was proud of him and was sad that he did not get the gift today. She was very sure that he will get it on Monday.

I am planning to track all her rewards/awards/gifts from school in this page.

The other beautiful thing in this new school is the “Friday friend” concept. Forgot to tell Adi’s class has been named as “Kangaroos”. Her class door has two big “Kangaroos crossing” across stickers. Every friday one of the kid (chosen by lucky draw) will bring home a Kangaroo doll along with its journal and they have to record the weekend happenings in the Journal especially the outings with Kangaroo like grocery shopping etc… On Monday the doll will be returned to the teacher and the kid has to read out and share the Journal with fellow kids. I can’t wait for Adi’s turn to bring the Kangaroo home.

There are a few Just4Smile posts sitting on my drafts for a while. Will try to publish them soon. This is a hurry-burry post.

Have a good weekend everyone
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Attractions at 5

I must admit that this blog is getting crafty these days. After all the objective of this blog is to replicate Adi’s attractions and milestones at different stages. Her current interest revolves around crafts and that was my all time favorite too making our life easier.

We were introduced to this Sand Art last Saturday at Kid’s club in nearby mall.  Adi loved it is the least to say.  She had made quite a few on the same weekend. I just helped her to peel off the yellow paper and rest all was done by her.  These sand art dino’s will decorate our living room until Adi is ready with the next display.

This product is available here but you can get more from Amazon by searching as “Sand Art”.

Apart from this she also tried hula hoop for the first time at this “Back to school” event and had a hair cut for discounted rate 🙂

Shruti – May be we would have submitted this for the Stick Fun theme if we were introduced to this earlier this month. Glue plays a major role in this.

The other attraction at home is tongue twisters. I drive Adi crazy with these ones that I learned during my school days.  I was surprised as I could recollect them very easily. This is the latest way to handle her tantrums. She runs away if I start with one of this and is trying hard to learn one (she is trying the one from

Caution : These are my versions (might differ from the original)

Betty bought some bitter butter,
but the bitter butter was not better;
so betty bought some better butter;
she mixed the bitter butter with the better butter
and the bitter butter became the better butter.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper corn;
A peck of pickled pepper corn Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper corn,
Where is the peck of pickled pepper corn that Peter Piper picked

பைத்தியகார ஆஸ்பத்திரிலே பைத்தியத்துக்கு வைத்தியம்
பார்க்கற பைத்தியகார வைத்தியருக்கே பைத்தியம் பிடிச்சா
அந்த பைத்தியகார வைத்தியர் எந்த பைத்தியகார
ஆஸ்பத்திரியோட பைத்தியகார வைதியர்கிட்ட
தன்னோட பைத்தியத்துக்கு வைத்தியம் பார்பாரு?

Open to hear more twisters from the readers.