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Attractions at 5

I must admit that this blog is getting crafty these days. After all the objective of this blog is to replicate Adi’s attractions and milestones at different stages. Her current interest revolves around crafts and that was my all time favorite too making our life easier.

We were introduced to this Sand Art last Saturday at Kid’s club in nearby mall.  Adi loved it is the least to say.  She had made quite a few on the same weekend. I just helped her to peel off the yellow paper and rest all was done by her.  These sand art dino’s will decorate our living room until Adi is ready with the next display.

This product is available here but you can get more from Amazon by searching as “Sand Art”.

Apart from this she also tried hula hoop for the first time at this “Back to school” event and had a hair cut for discounted rate 🙂

Shruti – May be we would have submitted this for the Stick Fun theme if we were introduced to this earlier this month. Glue plays a major role in this.

The other attraction at home is tongue twisters. I drive Adi crazy with these ones that I learned during my school days.  I was surprised as I could recollect them very easily. This is the latest way to handle her tantrums. She runs away if I start with one of this and is trying hard to learn one (she is trying the one from

Caution : These are my versions (might differ from the original)

Betty bought some bitter butter,
but the bitter butter was not better;
so betty bought some better butter;
she mixed the bitter butter with the better butter
and the bitter butter became the better butter.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper corn;
A peck of pickled pepper corn Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper corn,
Where is the peck of pickled pepper corn that Peter Piper picked

பைத்தியகார ஆஸ்பத்திரிலே பைத்தியத்துக்கு வைத்தியம்
பார்க்கற பைத்தியகார வைத்தியருக்கே பைத்தியம் பிடிச்சா
அந்த பைத்தியகார வைத்தியர் எந்த பைத்தியகார
ஆஸ்பத்திரியோட பைத்தியகார வைதியர்கிட்ட
தன்னோட பைத்தியத்துக்கு வைத்தியம் பார்பாரு?

Open to hear more twisters from the readers.