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For the past one week every day I start my day by saying “Today I have to post the updates in blog” and end the day with “Definitely tomorrow”.  Work has been really hectic and home (don’t ask me).  At last the so called “Tomorrow” happened to be Today as I don’t want to miss this important milestone of Adi.

She started full time Kindergarten on Monday and is having a ball of time.  The first day she was selected as “Line leader” for this week. Second day she started getting stickers at school for each good manner. Third day her teacher was kind enough to send me a “Happy Gram” note that she got 10 stickers so far. Fourth day we attended “Back to School” night and Fifth day I guess she will return home with a gift from Treasure bin (I am yet to pick her up).  As of yesterday she had 17 stickers and the rule is the kid gets a surprise gift from Treasure bin once they get 20 stickers.

Update – She is back home with the surprise gift. It seems her best friend J (who missed it by one sticker) told her that “Today you were better than me”.  She was proud of him and was sad that he did not get the gift today. She was very sure that he will get it on Monday.

I am planning to track all her rewards/awards/gifts from school in this page.

The other beautiful thing in this new school is the “Friday friend” concept. Forgot to tell Adi’s class has been named as “Kangaroos”. Her class door has two big “Kangaroos crossing” across stickers. Every friday one of the kid (chosen by lucky draw) will bring home a Kangaroo doll along with its journal and they have to record the weekend happenings in the Journal especially the outings with Kangaroo like grocery shopping etc… On Monday the doll will be returned to the teacher and the kid has to read out and share the Journal with fellow kids. I can’t wait for Adi’s turn to bring the Kangaroo home.

There are a few Just4Smile posts sitting on my drafts for a while. Will try to publish them soon. This is a hurry-burry post.

Have a good weekend everyone
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