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Jack o lantern

With Halloween around the corner and to fulfill Adi’s wish we made a Jack-o-lantern last weekend.  It has been kept at living room window and religiously lighted up every evening. Upon the girl’s another request pumpkin seeds were roasted in oven with olive oil.  She claimed that the one her teacher bought was like a popcorn and this one was not even close to it though she was happy that I attempted it.  She choose a Cinderella princess costume this time and we might attend a family Halloween party at her school on Saturday that is organized by parent’s association. No costumes are allowed in school.


Clay craft – 2

Here is our next set of entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge… All these are a combined effort by both of us. We made these with play doughs and had the inside of an empty cereal box as base. This way momma had less to clean at the end of it 🙂  Adi loved the bracelet. She can’t wait to wear it.

3 roses, our home, b’day balloons, bracelet, pumpkin and a beach ball

No better way to start the day

It was the usual morning routine time. Cutie pie getting into bathroom, appa ready with her brush and amma at kitchen making her lunch.

Adi : Appa just wait for a minute okay? I will be back
Furious appa :  what now? did you see the time?
Adi:  I just want to give a hug to amma.

I was hearing this and that moment when my cutie pie was heading towards me I blinked back my tears (vera enna anandha kaneer dhaan) and was ready for her tight hug.  Sitting at office I am still wondering about the tears was that ‘coz she didn’t hug or kiss me for a while now (not including the ones initiated by me to get the work done from her)? was that ‘coz I needed a hug at that time and she read me? I didn’t ask her the reason. We just had a tight hug for few secs and then she was at bathroom and I continued with my chores.  I love these simple pleasures of life. She should be on a field trip to the fire station now. God bless my sweet heart.


Clay craft

Presenting our entries for this month artsy crafty challenge

All these are made with play dough. Adi had so much fun and she made a few by herself. After procrastinating for more than 2 years at last I have got the guts to buy the play dough. I have always seen play dough as a messy item for some reason. I don’t know why. Thanks to Shruti.  Adi would have missed all this fun. This time before making the craft she had loads of questions about the rules.

Amma is it okay if we make craft with this dough didn’t Shruti aunty mention it as clay craft? is it ok if we mix colors? is it ok if I put wrong color for rainbow etc etc… Its high time I read the rules along with her.

Over to the crafts (Updated version as collage)

The froggie, snail or snake and butterfly where made by Adi (In her words all by herself) and rest were a joint effort.

Will see if we can make more in coming weekends.


Apple picking

The girl went on a field trip yesterday from the school. They visited a farm for apple picking, pumpkin picking and potato picking. A sample to show her super excitement is she woke up first you read it right she woke up first. The next minute she was in the bathroom yelling “Can somebody please come and brush me soon. It is getting late. Hurry up !!!!! There she was ready to school in a jiffy. I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to pinch myself.

Trip story as I heard from her in the evening
Each of them were given a tag to wear with their name on one side and teacher’s name with school address on the other side and were grouped as three. They reached the farm in school bus and waited outside for a while. Then, they went on a hayride followed by potato picking, apple picking and pumpkin picking. It was easy to pick the potatoes as only the bottom half was inside the ground. They have to just dig around and pull the potatoes. The apple picking was also easy. They have to just hold the apple and twist it around then it comes off. They all had the home packed brown bag lunch at a cafeteria kind of place in the farm. It was a fun packed day. On the way back most of them slept in the bus itself. The others woke them up when they reached school. The parents of few other kids had come for the trip. “Amma I didn’t know that parents can also come for the trip. Otherwise I would have told you. But, it is okay amma as even if I had told you would not have come as you have office” Should I feel happy or sad for this?

I have to admit that I am moving to the next level of parenthood where it is more than enough to just listen and do what she says. My ideas are not needed anymore and I can stop breaking my head to think about the what/how and why’s for everything.  The girl was very clear on what to make with the fruits and veggies from the farm. Potatoes were served as mashed potatoes for her dinner last night, Apples will turn into pies sooner (though momma did not promise yet) and Pumpkin will decorate our home as a Jack-o-lantern for this Halloween. When I made it a big deal to bake the pie this weekend she coolly said amma just type “apple pie making instructions” in google. Let’s read the instructions together and make the pie. I was like $%&*#@!!!!!!!!.

I have just started exploring more about baking apple pies at home and carving a Jack-o-lantern. Hoping to get into action soon.

Friday friend Kassie

Adi was lucky to be the first in class to bring the Friday friend home for the weekend. Kassie (the Kangaroo) was with us last weekend and Adi brushed, bathed, ate and slept with Kassie. She named the joey as Lulu. We (rather Adi) wrote the journal last evening. When I (the cashew nut) tried to help her with ideas for the journal she said “Mommy this is the journal about my friend. My teacher asked me to write it. I will ask you if I need any help okay?”. She was very clear on what to write and draw in the journal. I had to keep myself away forcibly just peeping in now and then to quench my curiosity. By now she would have shared the journal with her classmates and returned Kassie to her teacher.

Adi was both at her best and worst yesterday. The worst is she took more than 3 hours to write this journal (no wonder as she had to take a break every 2 minutes) and the best is finished her milk in less than 6 minutes no joke to be precise in 5 minutes and 40 secs.  Can you guess the reason behind this record break?