Archive | October 4, 2010

Friday friend Kassie

Adi was lucky to be the first in class to bring the Friday friend home for the weekend. Kassie (the Kangaroo) was with us last weekend and Adi brushed, bathed, ate and slept with Kassie. She named the joey as Lulu. We (rather Adi) wrote the journal last evening. When I (the cashew nut) tried to help her with ideas for the journal she said “Mommy this is the journal about my friend. My teacher asked me to write it. I will ask you if I need any help okay?”. She was very clear on what to write and draw in the journal. I had to keep myself away forcibly just peeping in now and then to quench my curiosity. By now she would have shared the journal with her classmates and returned Kassie to her teacher.

Adi was both at her best and worst yesterday. The worst is she took more than 3 hours to write this journal (no wonder as she had to take a break every 2 minutes) and the best is finished her milk in less than 6 minutes no joke to be precise in 5 minutes and 40 secs.  Can you guess the reason behind this record break?