Archive | October 15, 2010

No better way to start the day

It was the usual morning routine time. Cutie pie getting into bathroom, appa ready with her brush and amma at kitchen making her lunch.

Adi : Appa just wait for a minute okay? I will be back
Furious appa :  what now? did you see the time?
Adi:  I just want to give a hug to amma.

I was hearing this and that moment when my cutie pie was heading towards me I blinked back my tears (vera enna anandha kaneer dhaan) and was ready for her tight hug.  Sitting at office I am still wondering about the tears was that ‘coz she didn’t hug or kiss me for a while now (not including the ones initiated by me to get the work done from her)? was that ‘coz I needed a hug at that time and she read me? I didn’t ask her the reason. We just had a tight hug for few secs and then she was at bathroom and I continued with my chores.  I love these simple pleasures of life. She should be on a field trip to the fire station now. God bless my sweet heart.