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Halloween update

Updated on 13th Jan 2011 – Linking this post to Shruti’s Jan 2011 artsy crafsy challenge

The girl had a blast this weekend. We have become visitors to our own home for the past two days trying to squeeze in the weekend classes, family Halloween party at Adi’s school, doctor appointment,  Spooktacular event at kids club, trick or treating around the nearby mall/neighborhood and of course lunch out etc etc… Sigh !!! It was sure a jiffy weekend. The highlight at her school party were the paper roll mummy relay race and the haunted house. The mummy relay race was about wrapping the parent with paper roll to make them look like Egyptian mummy. I was wrapped by Adi and M. Next the haunted house though it was designed for school kids both parents and kids queued up and parents were equally scared as the kids. Adi was very clear that she didn’t want to try the haunted house and as always me being the curious and confused mommy tried the haunted house to shout out my fullest. And then this song that Adi taught me on Friday evening. She was excited when I picked it up faster esp. the pronunciation and the landing notes. When I didn’t get it right at the first try she cooly said “Amma practice makes perfect. keep practicing” (all times of India America). We had lods of fun singing it together.

Halloween Halloween is a very special time
with ghosts and goblins all around
of candies to be found

Halloween Halloween is a very special time
with witch in her broom flying up there
I will pretend it is me up there

Looking forward to next weekend (going to be kinda long) as Adi’s school is closed on Friday for Teacher’s workshop and I will be forced to work from home 🙂

My current state about Diwali – is it coming soon? when is it? I mean which day exactly?  and nothing else. Yet to think about the snacks to be prepared. Hope to make some but not sure about the what/when and how? a big Sigh !!!!!!!!!!

Oops work is calling leaving you all with my Cinderella princess. She was mighty happy with the costume.