Archive | November 16, 2010

Knock Knock

is the latest game we are forced to play every time Adi gets bored (mostly played during the boring car transit)

Disclaimer: Players need crazy thinking skills. Any formal training is an added value.

Player 1 : Knock Knock
Player 2 : Who’s there?
Player 1 : Banana
Player 2 : Banana who?
Player 1 : Banana who flies up in the air (this has to be a funny statement and here we have to use our thinking skills)
All players : LOL (Seriously you have to laugh out loud. This is very important for the game. Most of the times I fake a laugh)

More funny silly statements (to make sure you get the funda)
An ice cream that is baked in the oven (now seriously practice laughing out loud hahahahahahhahahha)
A bus that runs on the rail track (don’t forget to practice laughing)
TV that swims in the water

Jokes apart Kids really enjoy this game. Try it out folks…