I can’t believe

that I am now drafting the 100th post. I know this may not be a big deal for fellow bloggers to reach 100 in 1+ years but for me who hardly liked any form of writing before it feels great. Thanks so much to all the visitors and friends for making this happen. Though this blog was started to capture all my chweet moments of parenthood I have to admit that I would have not continued if there was no comments/responses from your guys. Thanks again for helping this blog reach this state. Not to mention special thanks to my pattu rajathi who is the source for most of the topics published here.  Next set of thanks will be in the 200th post 🙂

I actually wanted to publish the first tune played by Adi with her piano and let you guys guess the song for my 100th post.  But, unfortunately I couldn’t upload the audio in soundcloud.  Was trying for past 2 to 3 days. Is there any other way to publish the audio in wordpress?

The fault was with my audio. This post was in draft since last 3 days and now I am happy that I fixed the issue with the audio.

Guess this tune folks

Video version

On the Thanksgiving note we had a grand feast at Adi’s school on Tuesday afternoon.  All parents were requested to bring the food representing their culture/tradition for the feast. I made gulab jamuns and diamond biscuits. Kids had a blast just being around with parents at their class and enjoying different kinds of food.  Some of the food were spring rolls, dumplings, corn cheese muffins, sweet potato pie and turkey made with apple and marshmallows. It was a pleasant experience to set the table for the kids with the place mats,  cards and chairs with their name on it. After the tables were set the V.V.I.P’s were requested to take their chairs and we were at their service to the serve based on their like.


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