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Happy New Year 2011

A snippet from world wide web that caught my eyes

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy
May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words …
May 2011 be the best year of your life!

Wishing you and your family to be the proud owner of infinite happiness and good health in this new year…

I remember my dad asking us every year as what is our resolution for next year? and we wittily responding “Our resolution for ever is not to take any resolution”

I don’t have any major resolutions for the coming year. Be nice to people around, respect others, respect self and believe in the power of humanity.

Today morning when I was getting ready to office and Adi and M were still in bed

M: Pappa don’t tell that surprise to amma okay?
Adi: Sure appa
Me: Pappa let it remain as a surprise but can you please just tell me what it is?
Adi: (without any hesitation) We are going to buy a cake to make you happy amma.
M: Aiyyooo pappa why did you tell that?
Adi: But it is still a secret appa….

I was happy to see the kid inside my little girl who pretends like a grown up most of the times

Happy New Year 2011!


Gingerbread House

Our last entry for Shruti’s this month artsy craftsy challenge

Gingerbread House – Made with the kit shown on left top of the collage. The kit had

1. Crackers in different shapes to make the house and Christmas tree
2. Icings in different colors (white was mostly used to stick the crackers)
3. Candies (to decorate)
4.  Snowman and Santa Claus shaped candies

We also used mini M&M’s for decoration.

It is heavily snowing here since morning.  This is the first heavy snow this year. Dunno what’z in store for the next three months 😦 Guess both of us would work from home tomorrow. Anyways the plan for next week is to alternately work from home as Adi’s school is closed.

Happy holidays friends…

For a change

I was on the other side of the table yesterday.

Reason : I lost my ear muff last weekend, bought another one the same day and broke it yesterday.

Adi’s comment : “Paarunga enna panni irukeenga-nnu. One thing-avadhu safe-a vachu kareengala? bad mommy.”
Eng : Can you keep at least one of your stuff safely? See what you have done. You have lost 2 earmuffs in less than 2 days… I will tell appa not to buy another one for you.

Come on people laugh at me 😦


Christmas cookies

I was not very keen on making the Christmas cookies but the little girl’s fervor was infectious. So, we ended up making these cookies last weekend.  My first time try on chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies and cutter cookies.  I was just short of saying “appanae muruga cookies nalla vandha kudumbathoda un kovilukku vandhu…..” (Eng: Lord Muruga if the cookies turn out well I will visit your place along with family and…) I was that much nervous. The decorations were made by Adi with the minimal stuff we had on hand.  As always we had fun filled baking. I was putting on a brave face to Adi as if cookie baking was my every other day task. But, the nervousness within self was boundless.  Submitting for Shruthi’s this month artsy craftsy challenge

Report card night

We had the first report card night on Nov 18th at 6 pm. Parents were asked to assemble at the auditorium and Kids were babysat by one of the after care teacher.  At auditorium after a brief update from the Principal about other activities and happenings parents were asked to collect the report card from their respective class teacher. The card had a number on it and we were allowed to have a one on one with teacher for strictly five minutes based on the number.  If we think the meeting might exceed five minutes then we have to schedule a one on one with teacher at a convenient time later.  After collecting the report card we headed to the hall way near the classroom and waited for our turn.  The good part is while waiting if we feel the parent is inside for more than 5 minutes then we can knock on the door as a gentle reminder.  My number was 9 and I had enough time to go over the details in the card before my turn with the teacher.

The report card had around 25+ attributes broadly classified as Reading , Printing (Writing) , Mathematics, Personal development and Extracurricular objectives.  The grades were 1 to 3 for each attribute where 1 is Consistent, 2 is Progressing and 3 is Needs support. Personal development category included attributes like “Respects Peers”, “Displays Self Control”, “Has a good self image”, “Pays attention to details” etc… Isn’t this too much for a 5 year old?  May be yes to a 5 year old in our generation but I am telling ya this generation is much more advanced than these attributes.  Anyways, it was amazing to look at the way the report card has been structured.

Adi scored 1 for half of the attributes and 2 for the other half.  I spoke with her teacher about her overall performance and the “2” marked items.  Her teacher said the 2 meant 2 closer to 1 and not the 2 closer to 3 🙂 and she was pleased with Adi’s performance overall.  The girl has to seriously work on identifying lower case alphabets and printing numbers. She confidently identifies b as d, d as b, p as q, q as p and prints numbers 2, 3 , 4, 5 6, 7, 9 the opposite way. 1, 8 and 0 are good as they look the same written anyway.  Sometimes she also reads 12 as 21 and 41 as 14. We were a little upset about this.  Later that night when I spoke with her about this she insisted me to show the report card, asked me to explain all attributes and asked what was her teacher’s comments on the attributes marked as 2.  My intention of the talk was to just make her aware of it but the talk took a serious twist at least I felt so when she asked “Momma is it possible to get all 1’s”… There is no need to explain more to her and I ended the conversation by saying “You have done your best this time and continue to do the same. I am proud of you pattumma. You are the best to me always”.  After all I am not after 1’s.  The scene ended same as how my parents used to console me when I scored less instead of the other way around.

Her teacher’s overall narrative
“She is a well-liked classmate because of her great sense of humor and willingness to help. Her challenge now is to recognize that her social nature can impact her attention to completing task at hand. ”

It looks like this girl is jumping to other tables to help friends in need before completing her own task and sometimes when the class is involved in a group discussion she gets into her own discussion with couple of friends. Otherwise she is doing greeeeaaattttt 🙂

Another thing we have to work hard together is the time at which she gets dropped at school. I feel ashame to say that she hardly attends the assembly. We either drop her with the group that is the last to be dispersed post assembly or  at her classroom while fellow kids settles down after assembly.  The assembly starts at sharp 8:30 am and we can make it to that if we leave home at 8:15 but every single day including today morning we end up leaving by 8:25.  That means she joins the group post assembly at 8:35 am. If she gets dropped after 8:40 then we have to collect a late slip from office that will be counted in tardy days. In this quarter she had full attendance but 5 tardy days.  I remember couple of days we managed to leave at 8:15 but unluckily on those days either M misplaces the car key or I forget my jacket or the road closer to school is closed for road work 😦  We as a family are looking with all hopes for that tomorrow when she will start attending assembly… Please don’t tell me tomorrow never comes.

Edible crafts

Our entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge.

1. Spooky spider – Ritz crackers, spaghetti for legs , dried cranberries for eyes,  Trix cereal for nose/mouth

2. Sea view – Apples and pears for Sail boats, Trix cereal for Sun on right top corner, Spaghetti cooked with olive oil and pasta sauce for waves, Gold fish crackers and candies for pebbles effect.  This was Adi’s dinner last night along with chicken nuggets.  I arranged the red boat and she arranged the green boat.

3. Cat dosa – Made by M in 2008.  Those days dosa’s were always served in different shapes as per Adi’s wish. All the credit goes to M. The girl used to sit on the kitchen counter top while her dad was in action. He had even tried Dinosaur and elephant dosa’s but we missed to click them.

4. Smiley face dosa – Made by me in 2009 for Adi and her friend when they had a play date at our home. Baby carrots for nose/mouth, strawberries for eyes, mint chutney for flower effect (the girls insisted for this).

Hope you all like them 🙂


Winter Recital – Part 2

Part 1

Before we continue here are Adi’s performances

Good night ballet

Jingle bell rock

and here is the finished product. They have now joined their friends at the refrigerator door.

Over to the gift opening scene

She was unwrapping the gift repeating the same question until I asked “why do you think so?” And her reply was “I think so because….















“I know we have this gift wrapper at home and I remember we have packed so many gifts with this wrapper.”

How did I miss this?  It is still haunting my mind…

On a side note here is a winter wreath we made at nearby library’s craft session on a weekend. We also made a reindeer mask. This is one of the session that Adi enjoys always.  She never misses to check the flyers about next craft session every time we make a visit to the library.

Winter Recital – Part 1

On 12/07 evening was fantabulous. Adi was part of two performances good night ballet and jingle bell rock class performance. Her costume was black leotard/white tights/ballet shoes for good night ballet and red tops/black skirt/white tights/black shoe/sun glasses for jingle bell rock. The kids rocked the stage. Highlight of the event was the surprise visitor. The deal was we (parents) have to buy a simple gift for their child, wrap it and hand it over to the class teacher by Monday (12/06) and this gift will be given by the surprise visitor to the child on stage at the end of all the performances. Hope most of you guessed the surprise visitor who else can it be on this occasion other than the Santa. I was super excited about this idea and bought this painting craft that Adi was crying to own during our recent store visit.

We bought this gift on Friday of course she didn’t know about it and from then on I was fantasizing about how she is going to react upon opening the gift. My excitement was contagious enough to catch the not-so-excited-for-simple-pleasures club member M and he decided to capture the gift opening moment in camcorder. We were preparing ourself on how to respond to her questions. The most expected question was “How did Santa know that this is my favorite?”.  We discussed about it and decided to let her enjoy the existence of Santa.  The discussion was very serious compared to the life time decisions taken by communicating via emails or over the two minutes phone call or during the last five minutes of commute.  I was preparing myself well enough as I usually talk nineteen to the dozen making no sense when the question rani attacks me with her series of questions.

The kids received their gifts from Santa, took pictures and they were instructed by their teacher to open the gift after they reach their parents.  Adi wanted to open it right after reaching us but we diverted her attention and boarded the car. After reaching home we were all set to open the gift – M was ready with his camcorder and Adi with the gift in her hands. She glanced at it for a minute thoughtfully and asked a question that left us speechless for few minutes

Mommy did you buy this gift and give it Santa?

what do you think would have made her ask that question?

To be continued…

Just for smile – 13

Not sure if this conversation should be tagged under just4smile series. Though for me this was one among the many embarrassing moment that I go through with Adi in daily life I hope she will have a good laugh when she reads this later

Adi: Amma, does people kill people?
Me: EXCUSE ME !!!!!
Adi: Today at school A got her dress dirty with paints and teacher said “Your mom is going to kill you”. Why does A’s mom kill people?
Me: Still under shock
Adi: Continuing.. You know momma I told my teacher that “My mom will not kill anyone” and she said “that’s great”…
Me: Your teacher was kidding ma. People will not kill people.  A’s mom is same as me.
Adi: then why did the man kill that boy in the movie yesterday
Me: (cursing self for watching an English fiction movie with her around) That is not real pattumma. It is just a movie like how you watch Caillou n Dora… Ok now tell me how was your day? anything special? did you finish your lunch? what do you want for snacks? do you know something? (I was hopelessly trying so hard to change the topic) 😦

There is so much more to record in this space – her first report card, winter crafts, tomorrow’s winter recital at school, breakfast with Santa event conducted by kidgits club etc etc… will get to them soon…