Archive | December 6, 2010

Just for smile – 13

Not sure if this conversation should be tagged under just4smile series. Though for me this was one among the many embarrassing moment that I go through with Adi in daily life I hope she will have a good laugh when she reads this later

Adi: Amma, does people kill people?
Me: EXCUSE ME !!!!!
Adi: Today at school A got her dress dirty with paints and teacher said “Your mom is going to kill you”. Why does A’s mom kill people?
Me: Still under shock
Adi: Continuing.. You know momma I told my teacher that “My mom will not kill anyone” and she said “that’s great”…
Me: Your teacher was kidding ma. People will not kill people.  A’s mom is same as me.
Adi: then why did the man kill that boy in the movie yesterday
Me: (cursing self for watching an English fiction movie with her around) That is not real pattumma. It is just a movie like how you watch Caillou n Dora… Ok now tell me how was your day? anything special? did you finish your lunch? what do you want for snacks? do you know something? (I was hopelessly trying so hard to change the topic) 😦

There is so much more to record in this space – her first report card, winter crafts, tomorrow’s winter recital at school, breakfast with Santa event conducted by kidgits club etc etc… will get to them soon…