Winter Recital – Part 1

On 12/07 evening was fantabulous. Adi was part of two performances good night ballet and jingle bell rock class performance. Her costume was black leotard/white tights/ballet shoes for good night ballet and red tops/black skirt/white tights/black shoe/sun glasses for jingle bell rock. The kids rocked the stage. Highlight of the event was the surprise visitor. The deal was we (parents) have to buy a simple gift for their child, wrap it and hand it over to the class teacher by Monday (12/06) and this gift will be given by the surprise visitor to the child on stage at the end of all the performances. Hope most of you guessed the surprise visitor who else can it be on this occasion other than the Santa. I was super excited about this idea and bought this painting craft that Adi was crying to own during our recent store visit.

We bought this gift on Friday of course she didn’t know about it and from then on I was fantasizing about how she is going to react upon opening the gift. My excitement was contagious enough to catch the not-so-excited-for-simple-pleasures club member M and he decided to capture the gift opening moment in camcorder. We were preparing ourself on how to respond to her questions. The most expected question was “How did Santa know that this is my favorite?”.  We discussed about it and decided to let her enjoy the existence of Santa.  The discussion was very serious compared to the life time decisions taken by communicating via emails or over the two minutes phone call or during the last five minutes of commute.  I was preparing myself well enough as I usually talk nineteen to the dozen making no sense when the question rani attacks me with her series of questions.

The kids received their gifts from Santa, took pictures and they were instructed by their teacher to open the gift after they reach their parents.  Adi wanted to open it right after reaching us but we diverted her attention and boarded the car. After reaching home we were all set to open the gift – M was ready with his camcorder and Adi with the gift in her hands. She glanced at it for a minute thoughtfully and asked a question that left us speechless for few minutes

Mommy did you buy this gift and give it Santa?

what do you think would have made her ask that question?

To be continued…


15 thoughts on “Winter Recital – Part 1

  1. Cheating!
    No few days! Out with it already pls!

    I luvvved the idea there and she said that! Woww 🙂 🙂

    Did Santa tell her Mamma is the best and he got the gift from Mamma 😛 😛

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