Edible crafts

Our entries for this month artsy craftsy challenge.

1. Spooky spider – Ritz crackers, spaghetti for legs , dried cranberries for eyes,  Trix cereal for nose/mouth

2. Sea view – Apples and pears for Sail boats, Trix cereal for Sun on right top corner, Spaghetti cooked with olive oil and pasta sauce for waves, Gold fish crackers and candies for pebbles effect.  This was Adi’s dinner last night along with chicken nuggets.  I arranged the red boat and she arranged the green boat.

3. Cat dosa – Made by M in 2008.  Those days dosa’s were always served in different shapes as per Adi’s wish. All the credit goes to M. The girl used to sit on the kitchen counter top while her dad was in action. He had even tried Dinosaur and elephant dosa’s but we missed to click them.

4. Smiley face dosa – Made by me in 2009 for Adi and her friend when they had a play date at our home. Baby carrots for nose/mouth, strawberries for eyes, mint chutney for flower effect (the girls insisted for this).

Hope you all like them 🙂



14 thoughts on “Edible crafts

    • Thx aa… Now the pressure is from Adi to make the crafts… My job is only to let her know the theme for the month and she takes care of the rest including pushing me to submit them. Y’day she was like “Amma did you forget about the craft we have to make with food? Let’s better make it today and thus came the idea of the sea view”… I got this collage approved from her last night 🙂

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