Star Student

yes she was selected as the star student of the class last week.  She is the second to get this title in a class of 12.

This is the bulletin board at her class that features the favorites of the start student. (appa – please note her favorite color)


What does the star student do on this week. They will share their

Monday – photos of friends, family and pets (Adi took around 8 to 10 photographs of us, grand parents, cousins and our sweet neighbors)

Tuesday – favorite book (She took two of her books – Busy bus and Very hungry catterpillar)

Wednesday – favorite toy (Snowman and Barbie dolls)

Thursday – most prized possession (Missed this as the school was closed due to inclement weather – heavy snow 😦 )

and Friday – a special guest to either read a book or make a craft.  Can you believe she was threatening me all week that she will take her dad as guest every time I disciplined her.  It ended up like I am begging her to be the guest. I have become a easy peasy for her available even before she need me anytime :(…  Anyways we then discussed and decided to make a craft matching the season.

I bought the materials needed on Tuesday night. Cut out the hearts around 75+ small ones and 15+ big ones on Wednesday night. Cutting was started around 10pm and it took almost two hours  to complete it. One minute Adi will be like “Oh my mommy you are the best cutter in this whole world”  and the next minute “I don’t want you to be my guest. I will take appa with me”…

This was Adi’s idea to arrange the hearts like a flower while taking pictures 🙂


Packed all stuff on Thursday evening and was excitingly looking forward for the craft session on Friday… I also took some snacks for the kids to enjoy after craft time.  Myself and her teacher mailed back and forth and fixed the session to be at 12:30 pm.  It was a one hour session and I took two hours permission from office.  The kids were awesome.  I first explained to them the step by step procedure to make the craft and then distributed the materials as they needed. Adi was my helper to check each table if they have sufficient materials. All kids followed the instructions very carefully and  made the craft in a perfect way. The pride on Adi’s face was priceless and her happiness was boundless.

the crafts made by all kids for your glance


Guess how she attended phone calls in this week?  Hellooo this is start student Adi speaking who is on the other side? We hated that week to end is the least to say…

Coming up next – post about book reports…




14 thoughts on “Star Student

  1. Yay! What an honor! I love the craft and you are one patient mom to cut out the hearts. Did you use foam sheets? You could have brought pre-cut foam hearts but the bookmarks look great

    • thanks Vini… yeah I used glitter foam sheets.. I would have happily chosen the pre-cut hearts if I had found them… It was fun to cut it along with Adi.. she had cut quite a few hearts 🙂

  2. Very very lovely girl Adi.
    And she threatens you that she will take appa? Poor Amma,i would say.(Get her a sibling,issue is solved).
    Heart work is such a beauty,i loved it.

  3. understood the big line next to small line technique? so this will not be seen as a problem at all? but who will handle the bigger line? nenaichalae kannai kattuthey….

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