Archive | February 7, 2011

Just for smile – 14

Scene 1

Adi: Amma do you know what naked means?
Me: (collecting self as one single peace at the same time thinking swiftly on how to respond before the little girl realizes from my look that I am paranoid !@#$%^&*)  Can you come again honey? what word was that?
Adi: Naked amma
Me: do you know what that means? where did you hear this?
Adi: (very coolly) yeah I think I know… do you want me to tell you?
Me: No words can do justice to my my mental state then.. palpitation was manifolding every second inside me…
Regaining all strength I asked her “yes please can you tell me?” **fingers crossed**
Adi:  You know “Crayon” amma. If the paper rolled around it is taken off then the crayon is naked.. you want to know more?
Me: (hurriedly) that’s okay honey.. I got it…

Phewww it took a while to pull my thoughts out of this…

Scene 2

(On the same day) 😦
Adi: Amma are you older than me?
Me: thinks – God don’t you have mercy on me?  how much can I bear on the same day? (Kadavulae unakku karunaiyae kidayadha? orae nall-lae evlo dhaan thanga midiyum)
Adi: Come on answer me amma are you older than me?
Me: Yes, I am da… what is with that now?
Adi: That means you will die before me.. ha ha ha haaaa
Me: You think I have laughed along? Not at all I was about to pass out and God was kind enough(!!!)  to distract me quickly onto something else…