Archive | February 18, 2011

who is visiting us tonight

Adi had her maxillary central incisors extracted today. Now you know who is visiting us tonight… The way she co-operated was astounding.  She had cavities and dentist advised to extract them though they are due to fall off soon naturally. If you ask about one thing that bothers me about Adi it will always be her teeth. She has quite a few cavities and this always finds a top place at my worry list. I am still not sure about the reason behind these cavities but badly want to correct them all like they say “kan ketta piragu surya namaskkaram” (worshiping sun after the loss of eyesight)…

We chose today as her school is closed today and Monday. The oral surgeon was great. We consulted her couple of days back and she was very friendly with Adi. She asked Adi to bring her magic wand so she can take off the tooth with the wand while Adi is asleep. She called Adi as dora. Kids love when someone treats them special ain’t it? After the consultation Adi was excited about the extraction. She told me yesterday “mommy don’t forget tomorrow we have to go to dental office with my wand.. The doctor wanted to see my wand”.

With the wand on one hand the general anesthesia was given on other hand through intravenous injection. Then I moved to the waiting room and extraction was done in less than ten minutes. I was much scared than her. She recovered pretty quick and we were back home within next one hour.  The dentist gave me the tooth so we can save it for the tooth fairy visiting us tonight. Hope it doesn’t pain too much as it is just baby tooth. Anyways we decided to keep her on pain suppressant for today. She is busy catching up with all the missed shows in television. Her latest addiction is the dinosaur train theme song. She is practicing hard to sing this in one breath.