Most caring and loving friend

Who could it be?  It is the girl who pushes me every know and then,  who pretends to kick me when I say may be or no to anything, who says “I am not your friend” at the drop of a hat, who can not call it a day without getting on to my nerves, who makes a mountain out of a mole hill, who gets mad if I win a game with her. No I am not overstating anything. Okay at least most of the days.

Adi came home with this award on Friday

I had no clue about this award and mailed her class teacher to gather more details. Here is her reply

Student of the month is awarded at the monthly school assembly for one student in each class. It is chosen by the teacher to award a student in a particular area. This month it was for the most caring friend. I think that Adi fits this category very well! She is consistently getting along with all of her classmates and congratulating them when they get an answer right or accomplish a task. She is always using nice words with her friends and always saying please and thank you to me as well.

I am confused. Is she pretending too much at school? Is it normal for kids to be like this? Have you experienced this? Your two cents please…


11 thoughts on “Most caring and loving friend

  1. 🙄

    I think it’s bcoz we all are so close to our Moms and this does happen at times. It’s different with friends. Hugs! Now may be, u can use this prize to get her not do them with u too 🙂

  2. Anubavikkanum. Aarayakoodadhu:) If she is exercising caution with the outside world, it means she can say good from bad. With you, she must remain the Adi you know..

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