Feb Crafts

Though we were not able to make any craft based on Shruti’s theme for the month we rather Adi did few long pending crafts at home in the month of February

Bird house – from pre-cut foam sheets and Chenille stem sold in a “Craft for kids” package. My contribution was minimal

Fuse bead Fish and Dog – Inspired from utbt. This is our first hand experience with fuse beads. My contribution was ironing. Adi enjoyed this craft except that she complained neck pain at the end and this really needs lots and lots of patience..

Valentine’s day card – This is a school made craft that came to us as a surprise on 14th Feb. Look at what the girl has written as if we never share with her 😦

Maraca – My contribution was NIL. When I was busy in kitchen the girl came to me in a hurry and asked for two plastic boxes of same size. I had no clue and as usual took my own time to respond. The restless girl opened the draw, selected two same sized boxes, forced me to get her two aluminium foil sheets and handful of M&M’s at the count of three and ordered we should not visit living room until she is done. We had no clue of what she was doing. After half an hour Taa daa the Maraca was born.  She had covered the boxes with foil, filled them with M&M’s, taped them together and decorated with some stickers on top.. Her point was without stickers it gets difficult to know which side is top amma.  I don’t know from where she pulled this idea but I was blown away to see the girl making craft on her own..

Gone are days when we had to talk about the craft for few days and then sit together on a weekend to make them. Needless to say both of us will be exhausted at the end though it will be a fun time together. I felt much relieved on the day she made this Maraca. Thanks again Shruti without your blog we would have not explored this artsy craftsy side of life.

The next day when I was going uhh and ahh about the craft skills I cultivated in her and how she effectively used only two foil sheets M let me speak for a while and then coolly said she got six sheets from him without my knowledge and that was the secret of this craft. What do I do with this duo? Sometimes I feel they treat me as an alien..


10 thoughts on “Feb Crafts

  1. Is’nt amazing to see our lil ones do stuff! Great that Ani’s mind is thinking creatively all the time. Here is to her retaining the creativity and thinking outside (and inside) the box forever

    Love the bird house

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