Archive | March 14, 2011

Spirit Week

The first week of March was declared as Spirit week at Adi’s school.  It was a fun packed week

Monday – Jersey day. Kids can show their support by wearing their team or soccer hero’s jersey to school. We didn’t have any idea about this and Adi just wore school uniform but seeing her friends in jersey now she wants to join Soccer.

Tuesday – Mismatch day. Dress without match.. Crazy day. I noticed a teacher wearing one leg of the pant in red color and the other leg in yellow color. Do we get pants like this for sale?

Wednesday – Activity day. Kids wear regular gym uniform

Thursday – Career day. Dress as an occupation. Adi dressed as a doctor.. We went on a hunt for the costume on Wednesday night and guess what the shop keeper asked “what’s special in school tomorrow? I have sold out almost all the doctor costume in store.  If all kids aspires to be a doctor who will be the patient in next 20 yrs?”

Friday – Pep rally day. Wear school colors. blue and white. As I heard from Adi each class was asked to perform a cheerleading song and a pizza party was promised for the best performing class.  She was practicing so hard all for the pizza party… Indeed they had a party on following Monday… Adi already tagged her school as fun school 🙂  Edho appo appo konjam padicha sari (Eng : Its fine as long as she focuses on academics once in a while)