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Versatile blogger award

Thanks a bunch Shruti for passing on this award to me. This award means a LOT to me.  A proud moment.


1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award

7 random facts about me

1. I wake up (most of the days) before M and Adi on weekends for one main reason. To enjoy my cuppa filter coffee leisurely with no hurry either by standing next to my living room window or lazing on the couch. I wake up before them on weekdays too but that’s not with a joyful note
2. I have witnessed both the best and worst of my birthday. Best  in 1999 and worst in 2009.
3. I absolutely cannot spend a day without talking and cannot hide my emotions.  My face reflects my heart.  If at all there is a need to hide my feelings I will rather hide myself..  There are many situations when I cried facing my office desktop though the cubicle is shared.. I am trying for more than a decade now to control my tears but all in vain.
4. I love sweet surprises (both ways 😉 ) Is someone hearing me? I had given many surprises to my kith and kins in past and still remember those happy faces… Bliss..
5. I am very poor in reading between the lines.
6. I wish to speak fluently in Hindi. abhi thoda thoda malum hain. I can understand 75% when two people converse in Hindi but cannot join the conversation confidently.
7. The best time of my day (most of the days) is when I read a story book for Adi at Night and then tuck her into bed. I usually kiss on her forehead and say “Good night pattumma. Hope you get nice and sweet dreams”. I know she loves this too.  This is when she shares the most about her day.  I just let her speak and be a good listener (for a change ;)) …

When I started this post I was like 7 facts? what can I write about myself? I cannot even cross 3. Now I feel like is it only 7.  Self analysis done after a long time.

Passing on…

I pass on this award to all my sweet blog friends in no order

Congrats guys…