Archive | April 1, 2011

Pizza n Color Idli

Last weekend I made Pizza at home from the scratch. The girl has been nagging me for a while to make this and as usual she helped me with every step.  It was like this in a cycle she will play the video, let me know the next step, learn it herself, pause the video, help me with executing it, again play the video… She was telling M “Can you believe it daddy? I am doing real cooking” just for that two stirs she did with tomato sauce. “Can you believe it?” is her latest addiction.  I made cheese pizza for her and onion/garlic pizza for us. The verdict from daughter-dad duo is “Pizza is not great but eatable” all for that two solid hour I spent in the kitchen 😦 …

This is the video we followed step by step –

And this one I made on one of the weekdays for Adi’s dinner. She loved it. Just added a drop of food color to Idli batter and ta da color Idli is ready. I tried to substitute spinach for green and tomato for red but the batter was watery. Any suggestions?

Side dishes were carrot chutney and onion tomato chutney.