Pizza n Color Idli

Last weekend I made Pizza at home from the scratch. The girl has been nagging me for a while to make this and as usual she helped me with every step.  It was like this in a cycle she will play the video, let me know the next step, learn it herself, pause the video, help me with executing it, again play the video… She was telling M “Can you believe it daddy? I am doing real cooking” just for that two stirs she did with tomato sauce. “Can you believe it?” is her latest addiction.  I made cheese pizza for her and onion/garlic pizza for us. The verdict from daughter-dad duo is “Pizza is not great but eatable” all for that two solid hour I spent in the kitchen 😦 …

This is the video we followed step by step –

And this one I made on one of the weekdays for Adi’s dinner. She loved it. Just added a drop of food color to Idli batter and ta da color Idli is ready. I tried to substitute spinach for green and tomato for red but the batter was watery. Any suggestions?

Side dishes were carrot chutney and onion tomato chutney.

14 thoughts on “Pizza n Color Idli

  1. Pizza looks gr8,but i believe it is loaded with cheese.
    Colored idli looks very bright,but i would love it without food color
    .The secret to make tomato idli or dosa is,add ample tomatoes when you grind rice.I always add 3 to 4 big tomatoes and 2 to 3 carrots,some green n red chillies (1:4 dhal,rice ratio) to the grinding rice.Tomato alone would not give you the bright red color,you will get a better batter while adding it to grinding rice.The one i had said above is best when prepared as a dosa and goes well with green chutney.Right from 7th month ambuli’s favorite is this.

    • tomato sauce was a little too much too… lessons learned 🙂 can we make Idli with the preparation you have mentioned? I used to make only adai batter with chillies, coriander seeds and saunf (1:half – rice:toor dal) ratio…

      • You can make idlis,but for only once,it wil start releasing water bcoz of the veggies n salt added together.Adai is delicious when use all the dhals and both the rices
        Parboiled rice – 1 cup
        Raw rice – 1 cup
        Toor dhal -1.5 cup
        Urad dhal-0.5 cup
        Chana dhal -0.5 cup
        Reduce toor dhal quantity and substitute with masoor dhal,if you wish.Add grated or small pieces of coconut to the batter if you wish.
        Omit rice and use only dhals for high protein,no carb adai.

  2. anitha,

    Pizza… expert…… grt di… i just love the idli’s very colourful……idli is in perfect shape…
    carrot chutney… i never heard that di..
    want to taste all these….
    hope aditi enjoyed a lot during the preparations..

    • yeah she had loads of fun.. actually it is carrot thuvaiyal.. very easy. Just saute split urad dal, red chillies, curry leaves, carrots, ginger, a pinch of tamarind and grind them with req. salt…

  3. Both looks yummy!! Only think I’d say is, you could add spinach or tomato to bring the colors. Artificial colors are not good esp. for kids, so better avoid it. My mom makes yummy mushroom idli which I love. You could try that as well.

    • adding spinach or tomato is making the batter watery.. an suggestion from V or amma? I add food colors very rarely (like once in 6 months or so) for Adi.
      mushroom idli.. wow.. recipe plzzz

  4. I hope Vyas doesn’t read this post! He has been pestering me to make pizzas and has promised help! Super Ani.

    For color idlis:
    Green: Grind the dough with coriander/mint leaves. Add a little yeast or baking soda and leave it for two hours before pouring the batter into the idly mold.

    Red: Try beet-root and/or carrot with the dough.

    • hmm all of you are suggesting grinding the batter in required color.. I was trying to find a easy way of making common batter and then make up color as required as only Adi needs color… It looks like the easy way may not work.. okie let me try to grind the batter with necessary colors next time…

      Pizza making is not very difficult as I thought before. Here is the video we followed –

  5. For colour idli in a easy way = carrot thruvi (shread) lightly spread one layer on idli plate, then pour idly batter on that top and usual method boil it. But the it should be done in small holes thruval. For green colour, mint,coriander or palak or any other greens, clean and just immerse in warm water 5 sec with salt, remove, strain water, then cut into tiny pieces with kitchen scissors ( not knife),you can cut very tiny with this,just apply little oil/ghee on idli plate, then this green cuts, then idli batter & boil. For a good surprise, you can pour 1/2 mavoo, then keep some raisins, almond, cashew, walnuts, any of the one nut then pour balance mavoo and boil. When they eat, they get nuts as a surprise. even you can mix the nuts and make like coconut burfi mix and keep it inside as sweet idlis.
    One more super green idli – as usual you make white small button idlis and keep.
    Corriander- cleaned and washed (kothamalli thalai)- 1 cup,coconut grated- 1/2 cup,green chillis – 6 nos, Puli – small pinch, perungayam 1/4 tsp, lemon juice – 1/2 tsp, salt.
    method – heat oil in a vanali, add, coriander, coconut, green chill,puli, perungayam, salt – fry for few mts – keep away & cool it. Now, grind with salt and lemon juice like chutney, Heat little ghee/oil in a big vanali, add kadugu , porinchathum, add the grinded paste and fry little in a low flame, now if you wish add little water ( preferably wash the mixee with little water and add to the paste), now add the mini idli’s and mix gently. now your super green spicy idli ready. You can take this for trips, picnics or for school lunch. No need to make separate dip for this. If you keep this for half and hour, you can feel the juice absorbs by idli nicely and taste also very yummy.

    You can try this way, beetroot, carrot for pink and orange idli.
    You can make this chutney separately and keep, Make your carrot chutney or tomoto onion with red chills. Make your regular big idli. cool it, then cut into three pieces, like burger, spread green chutney one layer, they red chutney one layer and close the top with ghee, add a raisin or cashew or almont on top with a tooth pick to hold all in place like a sandwitch or wrap they in a cling wrap and serve as sandwitch idli. or boil the idli mavoo in a big cooker vessel, used for rice/dhall like big round cake, cool then cut and make a big cake sandwitch idli, top write the alphabet of the child, or the name with idli milagai podi paste or tomoto ketup or chocolate sauce. Inside filling u can replace chutney to jams, or chocolate sauces or creams or even boil like sweet idli – nuts/cocount with sugar. If you make one sweet and one chutney/kara idli – you can have fun party’s on normal day without much mess. Have a nice time with Aditi.

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