Report card night – 2

We had the second report card night yesterday evening and guess what the girl has proved herself.  She got 1 (Consistently good) for all attributes in the card.  Remember this post ? Trust me we neither cared about it nor pushed her for this.  I guess it is because of peer pressure as she always competes with another girl (A) in the class. At least few times a week I hear Adi saying you know amma A is the best, she is very good at everything, why should she win all the time et all… I have never reacted much to these.  All I can figure out is Adi had worked very hard for this.

This is what her teacher wrote about Adi at the back of the report card

“Adi is an all around wonderful student. She has a positive and caring attitude and is consistently involved. She is a thoughtful writer who approaches her assignments in a confident manner”

She has slowed down on execution and writes neatly these days. She knows amma will keep erasing the shabby letters until she writes neatly and at least to save TV time she writes neatly the first time. Lessons are always learned the harder way huh?  Framing sentences is a piece of cake for her now. Book report has worked out very well.  She is one among of the few selected for next level of book report. Now, she gets one book a week and has to do multiple activities with the book.  Make a book report, write complete answers for comprehension questions in her homework journal and write a small essay about the story Pheww.. This was our first week with this exercise and the girl is doing really really really great. I was amazed with the transformation in her writing and thinking skills.

About reaching school on time we are still struggling hard but definitely there is an improvement. We make it to assembly two days a week and rest of the days we stand outside the auditorium door while assembly is going on inside (that means we miss assembly by a minute or two) 😦

Needless to day, little girlie was happy than usual yesterday evening and we shared the happiness by treating her with cup cakes and banana walnut cake 🙂 She deserves more..


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