Earth day crafts

Our entries for Shruti’s this month artsy crafsty challenge.

The earth was made by Adi at school long back.  I think they sticked papers over balloon and colored it. I remember she was super excited about this and it stayed hanging at her room door for couple of weeks.

The next set we made yesterday evening. The plan was to make it during spring break (a post is coming up on what we did on spring break) but we couldn’t so we did it last evening. Just to make sure we don’t get on to each other nerves I focused on the tree and she made the octopus all by herself.

Tree was made with used paper cup and kitchen tissue roll paper.  Do you notice that hole in the trunk and a  robin? That was Adi’s idea. She painted the cup/trunk and I helped her to assemble them and paint branch, bird and fruits 🙂

Octopus – I showed her a link from google and she took it from there.  This was made with toilet paper roll. It was done all by herself and I helped with clicking pictures.

I don’t know if this qualifies for the theme. A bunch of flowers made by her as a surprise for me.  She made this on one of the spring break day I worked from home and stayed with her. She even wrote my name on it and showed it to me a million times though I was not allowed to touch it. See it is a surprise for the evening. But it turned out to be an anti-climax for me as always :(.  She gave it to M saying “Daddy actually I made this for mommy but today I asked her something very humbly and she didn’t respond so I changed my mind. This is for you” and ran out of my sight.

Whatever I loved these flowers made with construction paper and chenille stems and I am the one who takes care of it and adores it at every visit to living room.

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