Spring break

We tried our best to keep Adi engaged and happy on the spring break and guess we succeeded in it.  She was mighty happy when she headed back to school after the break.

We started off with spending the Friday evening at friend’s place. Myself and my friend made murukku, omapodi, strawberry cake and cupcakes on that evening. Then, I also made one batch of rava laddu and stocked them all for the girl to enjoy for next 10 days.

On Monday I worked from home, Tuesday and Wednesday she was at different friend’s home playing with their kids/visiting park, Thursday M worked from home and Friday was holiday for me (Good Friday).

We bought few gifts (mostly dollar items that she likes) and one grand (in her terms) gift the week before spring break and planned to play treasure hunt every day.  M prepared the clues and played with her every evening.  Each clue will have the details for next hop and the final clue will say “Hurray hop to this place for the gift”.  This idea was borrowed from Adi. She has been giving us surprises for a while now. When I open snack cupboard I see this.

M sees this closer to the place where he keeps throws his keys and id card. Ignore the b in “inside”. She still gets confused at times but definitely not like before when she was confidently writing b as d and d as b not missing even one time.

It is very thoughtful of her to stick these notes at our frequently accessed points and even chose the right color marker to write down.  She knows green is my favorite.  One fine day after being tired of giving surprises she said very sadly “why is it only I am giving surprise to you guys? I know you guys don’t love me”. Thus the treasure hunt happened.

This is the grand gift. We spent around two hours on Friday morning to make these gemstone ornaments and stepped out in the evening for a cultural affair with Adi holding this purse proudly and wearing the jewels. She would have opened the purse a million times in that ten minute ride.

She also made few crafts on her own and this is the one I got to click.

We wrapped up the weekend with watching Rio 3D in big screen,  roaming around a mall till we cannot take a step further and inviting friend’s family for lunch.

I called her with a special name this whole week. Just the very thought of the name brings a broad smile in my face :).

I called her “Jimikki” as she wore Jimikki (long earrings) all that week.  She loved this name. The moment I call out as “Jimikki” from kitchen she would promptly respond with a “enna amma?” (did you call me?) .

Overall she watched less TV than expected, played more, crafted few, snacked enough (for the record omapodi and murukku containers are empty) and had loads of fun. This is like a preview to the long summer break coming up soon.


4 thoughts on “Spring break

  1. How thoughtful of her – right place and fav colours too 🙂 God bless the sweetheart 🙂
    Luv that purse 🙂

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