Archive | May 5, 2011

Good reason

Adi: Amma, can I please have kids meal (store bought) for my dinner today?
Amma: Sorry pappa.  I don’t think you can have it today.
Adi: I know you will say NOO. You always do this to me. You never ever want me to be happy blah blah blah

After ten minutes (past ten minutes was spent by lying upside down on the couch.  Technically five minutes on the couch and five minutes facing wall with hands criss crossed, face down, eyebrows shrinked)

Adi: Ammaaaa, can I please have my kids meal for dinner today?
Amma: I am really sorry da pattumma. Didn’t you hear me before?
Adi: Ok. If you say no to something there will be a good reason behind it. Tell me what is the good reason behind this?

The moment I was yearning for.  It was a moment of mixed emotions and my eyes were welled up.  I explained the reason and my sweetie pie agreed to it.. what more can I ask for?