Archive | May 10, 2011

Mother’s Spa

Better late than never.  Though work is eating up most of the time these days I want to quickly record what we Adi did for Mother’s day.  Her class decided to host Mother’s Spa event on Friday. This girl has been checking with me since Monday if I will be able to attend it and I was responding with the usual parkalam (let’s see / I will try my best).  On Wednesday when she came to know that they can take not only mother but anyone they like may be cousin, grandma, sister or any other woman I heard my heart breaking into pieces. She coolly said “Amma its ok if you cannot come I will take grandma (patti H) from next door”.  The table turned and now I started pestering her “Are you sure you don’t want me to come? So all these days you were just looking for someone to represent you and you were not in particular to take mommy to the Spa? ” I reached the pathetic level of begging and her final response was with shoulders shrugged “Ammmmmaaaaa it doesn’t matter if you really want to come you can join us too”..  Poor me.

In between I called patti H on Wednesday evening to check her availability and she said she cannot make it as plumber is planning to visit her home on Friday. Adi was very down and asked me again with a sad face “Amma will you at least come?” You should have guessed my response by now . I said with a villan smile  “Let’s see”  ha ha ha ha.  Literally I did this and she was very upset with my response. Without adding more fuel to the fire I hugged my darling and promised to come.

The saga did not end there. A twist is on its way.  On Thursday evening when we were heading back home I called grandma H so we can stop by if she is at home. She said she would have called me in 5 minutes if I had not called her and asked what time is the Spa event. It was at 1pm. I showed her the invitation that Adi’s teacher sent home inviting us for the Spa event.  Grandma made arrangements so plumber can visit her as first thing in the morning and she can make it to the event. We spent some time at her home that evening and Adi was jumping in joy. She asked grandma to keep the invitation with herself so that she doesn’t forget the next day. Adi is probably bored of taking me for all the event at school. After all she needs a change and more importantly I should take it easy when she needs the change.

It didn’t end still 🙂 Adi had a surprise element on Friday and that was my visit. She assumed grandma will come on her own but was surprised to see me tagging along with grandma. She was at her best in servicing us. We were welcomed with pink streamers hanging on the entrance.  While polishing my nails she reminded fellow kid “hey did you forget what our teacher said? we should give some treats to our mom so they can relax and enjoy what we do”.  The best part is kids made these treats extra special by dipping them in chocolate syrup. We had chocolate dipped strawberries/marshmallows/pretzels/crackers.  Here is a glimpse of the different stations we had in Spa.

Apart from this she also bought a plant from plant sale held at school, made cards/photo frames and planned her usual surprise treasure hunt at home. She made her dad buy lettuce/carrots secretly and was also planning to make breakfast, lunch and even dessert for me on Sunday but unfortunately we were not at home.

Not to mention the whole week she was threatening me every other minute as “Mommy if you don’t say yes to this then you don’t have to come to my school on Friday, I will not make breakfast for you on Sunday, I will not give you any surprises, I will not even wish you on Mother’s day. Is that what you want? tell me? If no then better say yes for this”