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Happy 6th

Dear pattu,

This is my first letter to you.  I was contemplating on penning this down as I was not sure about what to write. I almost record most of your updates in this blog then and there and felt there is nothing much left. But, the very thought of getting lost in the sweet memories we have been through in last one year made the point.  We celebrated your 5th birthday at Chennai with both grand parents and you had a blast the whole month at India.  This year we will keep it as a small affair with cake cutting at school for some reasons. We will also sponsor pizza lunch for kids at school. You are getting your special gift as a surprise. The one that you wanted to buy but didn’t cry for it at the store. When we were in the shop last weekend you saw that toy but kept quiet till we moved out of that aisle. Later you pulled me down and whispered on my ears as “Amma do you remember that toy I was asking for a long time I saw that at the toys section in this store” and didn’t say one more word after that.  I reacted in my usual way of “we can buy it later da”. You didn’t know that visit to store was to confirm that toy was in stock, you didn’t know that dadda is going to get it for you as surprise.  I can’t wait to see your reaction when you find the toy through treasure hunt. It is a simple toy but it is special as we know you have it registered on one corner of your brain.

During last year India visit I was amazed at the way you picked up Tamizh in those four weeks and the efforts you took to speak in our mother tongue.  I am glad you liked the language. It is one of amma’s desire to introduce you to those mind blowing idhigasams and seiyyuls.  I love it when you say “amma enakku Tamizh romba pidichirukku. namba rendu perum Tamizh-lae pesalama?” and when you react as “ennanga amma”… Your vanga, ponga’s to elders sounds very cute.  Now, you want to go to India for two reasons to see the cricket world cup Trophy and to look at the cattle’s on road side.

You have started Kindergarten this year and is doing great at school. You are very religious in completing the homework assignments and your teacher’s words are vedha vakku (final words) for you.  Though you hate it when amma erases the dancing words  I know you like perfection.  You can frame sentences with given word in less than a minute.  You don’t like it when amma spoon feeds or helps upfront. You will say “Ammaa let me do it myself. I will ask you if I need help okayyy?”. The way you practiced snapping fingers and making stylish move with head/neck for songs says that you believe in “practice makes perfect”.  You have recently learned about counting money and telling analog time.  There are times when I ask you to check the time you will check the digital clock first, then pretend to count the long hands in analog clock by 5 and then say the time.  Amma knows when you do mischief’s.  Every evening I had to send you back to the bathroom to wash your face with soap when you come back to me like a bouncing spring from the bathroom. Sometimes you even do ask how do you know amma that I just washed with water? Its the time you take pattumma.

You hardly demand for anything. It will start like this “Amma I want to ask you something. Only if you say yes, only if you say yes I will do it fair enough?” who can say No to this kid. You win hands down most of the times. You clearly know the capabilities and differences of appa and amma. You agree when appa or amma tries to explain something but most cases you cut good deals though. You need options for everything. While shopping you want amma/appa to choose few options and then you decide on what to pick. You are an amma pleaser. You hate it when I shed tears. I remember you holding my hands tight and hugging me when I couldn’t control my tears. You don’t like me to be mad. When I shout at you sometimes and then apologize you will just change the topic with “Its okay amma”.

You are scared of being locked out. It doesn’t matter even if it is a candy or toy shop you absolutely cannot stay inside the shop if its time to close. Unfortunately we hit most of the stores at this odd hour.  This fear started when a storekeeper pulled down the shutter in front of you couple of years back.  Hope it will fade away soon. You are not ready for adventures yet.  You hate roller coasters.  You are scared of dark.  Safety is always your priority.

You love it when amma showers you with kisses, hugs you tight and share secrets on your ears.  You love to pretend like a baby in amma’s lap. You can be easily pacified by kissing or hugging. When you get hurt all amma has to do it kiss at the place it hurts and hug you untill you say I feel better now and run away.

Counting works better with you. This is amma’s brahmastra for now. You can either drink a glass of milk at the count of 20 or take an hour without counting. You laugh out loud when amma makes funny statements like “Adi go to the kitchen and brush your teeth or Adi go to the bathroom and sleep” and then correct myself when you laugh. This is another way to change your mood and get the work done.  You mimic me most of the times and this has become your favorite these days.  You like to have evening snack by sitting comfortably on the couch with legs stretched and watching TV.

Even in sleep if we ask whom do you love the most your response will always be “both”. Honestly that annoys me sometimes. I wish you can say “Mommy” one day. I don’t mind you saying “Daddy” as long as you say “Mommy” first 🙂 🙂 . You will be at your best in defending  appa’s mistakes. Like the day he forgot his mobile and we couldn’t reach him till 9pm you said “appa pavam amma (poor guy) we have to remind him in the morning to take his mobile. He forgets easily”, the way you run around to find car/house keys in the morning rush hour for him shows your love for your dadda.  Every time I want to take him for a ride you will respond with a “poor guy its okay amma”. You have learned to dial numbers from home phone and these days you  phone him to check if he is not home by 7pm.

You have your own bad/mad times too but dadda says without that you will not be one happy kid.

I can go on and on and on da pattumma. I never thought I will be able to recollect so much.  It may sound cliche but you are the best gift we could ever ask for. We are blessed to have you in our life.  Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

Love you always,