Boston trip

After more than a year and a half we broke the rule and stepped out for a two day family trip to Boston last Sunday. Thanks to the memorial day long weekend. Needless to say the little girl was super excited. She packed her backpack with foodie and her favorite bunny that was instantly named as Crystal.  All through the trip Crystal was peeping out on one side of the backpack just so that she/he can have her/his own share of sight seeing. The little girl enlightened the stupid mommy with this thought who was trying to stuff Crystal inside the bag.

Day 1
First stop was at Mystic Aquarium where Adi got a chance to touch the baby shark and ray fish.  This was her best part of the trip. She also witnessed Beluga whale playing around, penguins fed by their care takers, jelly fishes in different color and a glimpse of sea lion show . The mammal were so obedient to their instructors. I could only think of  “aadra rama aadra rama” (monkey street show)  when I saw the sea lion show. The sea lion was religiously fed with fishes for every action.

Here is a glimpse of the sea lion show I got to record at Aquarium

Next stop was at Breakers Mansion. Man what a life the Vanderbilt family had lived.  Sighhh. The 70-room mansion has approximately 65,000 sq ft of living space. The home was constructed between 1893 and 1895 at a cost of more than $12 million (approximately $260 million in today’s dollars). The lesser I speak the better it is.

Then, we headed towards the hotel booked for the night at Boston and called it a day.

Day 2
It was more like an educational tour visiting the Ivy League universities Harvard, Yale and also MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  Check out this interesting read about the statue of three lies and Widener library at Harvard campus.  This library was built as a memorial for Harry Elkins Widener , a 1907 Harvard graduate, who was a book collector and victim of Titanic disaster.

At MIT the U were written as V I mean like this MASSACHVSETTS INSTITVTE OF TECHNOLOGY as at roman times the letter U did not exist in Latin language.

Later we took two hour cruise at Boston harbor, visited Quincy market for lunch and returned home for dinner. The girl had strawberry frozen yogurt topped with gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles as dessert after lunch 🙂  It was nice to be away from home for two days though it was a hectic and short trip.  

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10 thoughts on “Boston trip

    • a good point that didn’t strike me.. I read this some where in google.. its better to remove it so that I don’t pass on wrong information.. may be the truth is that U didn’t exist in Latin language at that period…

      sorry for not letting you know.. It was a short trip with another family… thought you would also be out somewhere… 🙂

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