Kindergarten Graduation

Kinder graduation happened on 16th June and the beauty is the kids graduated themselves. The event was at 11am and unusually Adi was ready by 9am and was checking on me every 5 minutes if it is time to leave. At ceremony kids sat on designated chairs on the stage,  took turns in hosting the event and treated us with songs based on what they did every month in Kindergarten. To record a few they sang about seven continents, penguins, dinosaurs, planets and insects. Paintings by the kids were displayed on one side and slideshow with their special moments at class was shown on the other side of the stage. Parents were given tissue to wipe off the happy tears when kids graduated 🙂 and a small party was organised by the school at the end of ceremony.  Adi enjoyed every bit of it and on the way back all she said was “I will miss Kindergarten amma”..

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Kudos to Kindergarten Kangaroos..


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