School updates

Couple of other school events I missed to update in blogosphere (better before we get into first grade 🙂 )

In the month of April I accompanied Adi for a full day field trip to Natural history museum (remember this post? I promised on the same day to self that I should make it for her next field trip) to learn about Dinosaurs.  It was my first day off of the year from work. We packed brown bag lunches and were all set for the day. The kids watched fossils and skeletons in awe and were eager to touch everything. We also watched a short animated movie about how digestion works for dino.  They had a blast is the least to say. In Adi’s words “Finally (rolling her eyes) mommy made it to one of my field trip”

In first week of June both of us (you read it right BOTH of us)  tagged along with Adi for a full day family picnic organised by her school.  M’s plan to join us for the picnic was a surprise element for Adi. When the buses were about to move she was like “appa get out of the bus right now, the bus is moving, you cannot come without paying ahead”.  At picnic spot there was pool open all day to chill out, watermelons and ice cream sandwiches to beat the sun, miniature golf,  play area, sand box, lunch, snacks… what more can we ask for? Adi spent most of her time with friends at pool and we spent the time by relaxing at pool side chair.  To keep up with Adi’s travel tradition Crystal was also part of this fun day.  In return travel one kid say S (around 4yrs old) was cranky enough to grab the attention of whole bus as he missed his afternoon nap and Adi as a good sport shared Crystal to pacify him. The moment Kid S held and hugged Crystal no one in the bus knew where he was.  The warmth kids feel by hugging a soft toy is boundless.  He promptly returned Crystal when it was time to say bye. May be he would have noticed Adi staring at him and Crystal every few minutes in the hour long commute. Though she gave it with no second thought her heart and eyes were all on Crystal’s side 🙂

On the day before school closing Adi bought all her art work home. They had this art class every Wednesday and I had no idea of what she did until that day.. They were awesome –



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12 thoughts on “School updates

  1. Adi is such a sweetheart to share Crystal without a thought. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for her, but that she did shows what an amazing kid she is.

    PS: Loved looking at the pictures 🙂

  2. Greetings Anitha! One of my to-do for the day was to visit your blog. You have got a great blog; glad I could catch up with some postings.

    Keep going at it!

    ~ NRIGirl

    • you are witnessing only the kadavul padhi of her… not many know abt the mirugam padhi :)..
      with whom can I swap Vyas or Varun anyways it doesn’t matter both are adorable 🙂

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